Men's Fashion Week

Oliver Spencer showed us that their is no age for fashion. Be fashion at any ages. Oliver Spencer chose models of different ages, it went to “young” to “old” models. A collection made of various colors and fabrics, for an every day look. With all the collection you can remake all your closet, it goes to the casual look to the professional look.

Tightly pulled hoods on the model's face at the top of longue protecting pale sandy and khaki tones tuniques or stripes pyjamas reminding the style of the Middle Ages headsman's look (in a new very fashionable new take I admit) or in certain way the seemed-comfortable pyjamas of an asylum's patient. The collars of the looks were high and tightened with belts, as choker we could say, apperently one of the biggest trend of next fall concerning menswear. Even the model's arms were belted, like an standard tourniquet that a nurse could have done to avoid a loss of blood.

Low key obssesed with ennui, definetly, Alex Mullins shared with us playback picture moments through his boredom inspired Fall 16 collection. The first thing we noticed was the careless-nonchalant atittude of the models. Their heads: simple thing as such leaning a bit forward or a bit backward; the eyes played a main role too, empty gaze and wet at the same time (like their hair).