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The life of a Givenchy lovin, cyber shopping Lady Tech fashionista just got even better with Le Buzz: GIVENCHY’s New Website & e-shops ideal for the i-Pad packing fans of Givenchy. This week Givenchy launched a multifaceted digital approach with the launch of a new website and the opening of two mobile e-shops.

Although we're used to functionality at the swipe of a screen we can still get confused over smartphones; if that rings true you can get all the necessary news and advice you from Phones4U. To give you a brief insight into how you can benefit from a smartphone here are some of the Latest Beauty and Fashion Apps for your Phone and for fashionable women.

Who knew the French were so Tech and Fashionista Savvy in today’s Tech Tuesday news last week, Vogue Paris announced the Launch of the first Magazine created for the iphone and curated by Vogue Paris. Only a year a go they celebrated 1K followers on twitter. Now they have gotten more innovated and create a version of the magazine designed especially for the iPhone