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    One of the highest recognized fashion statements that have stood the test of time is the cowboy boot. Not only has it made a difference in the lives of many people, but it also has made waves in the fashion industry. The cowboy boot has been around a vast number of years and will continue to be a trendy inspiration to the fashion field through jeans and boots, which ultimately make it a timeless combination.

    Cultural Differences The Cowboy Boot Has Made

    There are so many different designs of the cowboy boot, such as the Ariat square toe cowboy boots for men, that the fashion industry gobbled them up with excitement. However, long ago when the cowboy boot came into existence, it was used as a tool for equestrian lifestyles instead of fashion. It was created to help the wearer with protection, comfort, and simplicity with the pull-up loops to slide on. Once people started to see the benefits of a decent boot, there were different styles in the industrial age that came into presence. The tradition began rising up in Spain then was transported to America.

    Some boots can be dated as far back as the 16th century, where fashion started to take notice of the beloved boot. According to Wikipedia, “During the cattle drive era of 1866–1884, the cowboy was not apt to ruin a good pair of dress boots while working, so some owned more decorative dress boots to wear in town. The basic style elements permeated even working boots and made the Wellington obsolete. Fashion magazines from 1850 to 1860 show the cowboy boot with top stitching, cutouts of geometric or other natural elements, and underslung heel.”

    Details On Cowboy Boots That Are Trending

    Since the beginning of the cowboy boot, where it was once called the “leather boot” in Europe during the 11th century, it was just a tool that some people used. However, through the years, the boot became a full-on fashion statement that allured the masses. recently shared an article with many different types of cowboy boots that expressed, “This is one of my favorite collages. If I could wear this every day – I would, especially these gorgeous Ganni boots. I really love the symmetrical cuts on garments; it’s another level of layering and styling. Makes me feel like I have another great adventure with the garments.”

    But fashion trends do not stop there. They continue to be on the rise in the fashion transformation around the world. You can find a cosmic diversity of people wearing cowboy boots with thousands of styles, anything from the old wild west appeal to the high-class modernized trend. One trend that has allured the masses is the ability to increase footwear performance. The style has a lot to do with the boots, but the wearer is one of the best features of the boots.

    The Fact Site agrees with the new modifications of the boot and shares, “Nearly every style of cowboy boot you could ever imagine has been created and still remains popular, even with celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, who blessed us all with her version of These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. Even former President George W. Bush wore cowboy boots.” Therefore, if you have your own boots, then rock them well and get used to their feeling, and you will shine no matter where you are headed. 

    Nejilka wearing Raf Simons Blazer AW07/08, Daily Paper SS19, 501 Levi’s, and Vintage Cowboy Boots. Handbag customized by Nejilka

    Cowboy boots have a way of making fashion enticing and creative. When they first came around as the “leather boot” they were well noticed, but it wasn’t until new cuts and designs were formed, where the stunning fashion statement came into play. In today’s times, you can see all sorts of styles and cultural alterations made because of the cowboy boot. What are your style and fashion statements you have made lately with the boot? Do you rock the old western look or are you all about appealing to the sophisticated side of the cowboy boots? No matter what your style is, the cowboy boot has been around for a long time and will continue to be a timeless piece of art in the fashion industry.

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