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    Women’s apparel, just like themselves, is quite tricky. It is not always what it seems. Women are programmed to overthink – or maybe everyone else just under-think? Especially when it comes to their clothing. There are many things that out lookers are unable to understand women’s clothing, and well, women like to keep it that way. Though let us be honest, there are thousands of things that women themselves don not understand about their apparel.

    Well, besides the fact that the women’s fashion industry is problematic and baffling where they need to address way more issues than we can think and cater to them just like BlackMilk Women Clothing; because women’s everyday struggle with their clothing is not something to be overlooked here. 

    Photo of Woman Near Clothes

    1 – What ‘I Don’t Have Anything to Wear’ Actually Means 

    We won’t – no one would – believe if you tell us you have never heard a woman complain about ‘not having anything to wear’. Obviously, there is a whole lot of clothes suffocating inside the closet waiting to be let out. This is probably the most baffling thing about women’s clothing, and probably the most recurring problem. What this means is that ‘I don’t have anything to wear for who I want to be today’. You understand the difference now? Because women love their uniqueness, and would at no cost want to be the same person for two days. 

    2 – We don’t Just Grab Coats off the Racks for their Prettiness

    Buying winter wear is trickier than most people think, especially for women. There one unspoken rule women follow when buying coats or blazers – it must fit your shoulders. Yes, not waits, neither height but shoulders. It is a common misconception that women’s blazers and jackets are bought regardless of their size. Hence, the next time you consider getting a coat for your female friend, leave it be if you don’t have the shoulder measurements. 

    3 – The Mystery behind the Studs on Jeans

    Ever wondered what the studs on your jeans do? Well, they definitely are not there for decorative purposes. The studs on pants are there to make sure the jeans can put up with extra wear and tear. The appearance of studs came first in the late nineteenth century when the labors working in areas that were more prone to damage wore jeans. 

    4 – The Button On the Left-side of Women’s Shirts

    Unlike men’s shirts, which have buttons on the right side, women’s shirts come with a button on the opposite side. This is a very thought-after thing about women’s clothing. Well, they are there to make it easier for women to breastfeed. Lefts-de buttons are easy to reach – since most people are right-handed and can easily reach for the left side button – and open them. This makes it easier for women to breastfeed when in public. Even if they hold the baby with the right one, opening the left buttons is more convenient. 

    5 – Rules for Showing Skin

    Women have a code when it comes to wearing revealing clothes. Various factors are considered to decide how much should the dress be revealing. Not something you were expecting, right? But that is how it is. Most women have a rule of ‘one at a time’. Being too revealing can affect the elegance and class. How many girls with short skirts do you see rocking the plunging necklines? Even if you have, you must have on the red carpets because such looks are only meant for the red carpets. Hence, one body part at a time is the unspoken golden rule of dressing up.

    6 – The Jeans Code

    Have you ever thought about why women’s and men’s jeans come separately? I mean, aren’t they a pair of jeans after all and they look almost the same too, then why? Well, they might look the same, but they are not. Women’s jeans are different. They are tighter, with a piece of more flexible fabric. They come in smaller sizes, regardless of the actual size of the person buying it. The hems of ladies’ jeans are always above the shoes and stretch with every wash. 

    7 – Comfort

    A very common misconception: Comfort is something women don’t consider while dressing up. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Be it the tight pencil dresses on official fathering, or fitted miniskirts, women do not wear it if it doesn’t provide comfort. 

    8 – Women Find Men’s Clothing More Comfortable

    Since the past few decades, men’s clothing has become quite a fashion statement. All menswear, in general, has become a go-to dress-up option for most working women. Be it suits, baggy rompers, or button-up shirts, men’s wear is the new trend and women find them way more comfy and classy than their dresses and skirts. 

    9 – Dress Codes Were Okay, But Color Codes…?

    This might be surprising, but women follow a colour code. They have certain colours categorized for work, parties, formal and informal gatherings, etc. This helps them feel good and not out-of-place. Weird, but true. 

    10 – Stain-Conscious

    Women are not only conscious over wine-stains or dirt-stains but perfume stains too. This also answers the question of why most women’s perfumes come in fancy coloured bottles but are transparent. This is because they are stubborn and don’t go away too easily. 


    Women’s clothing can be quite baffling, but for them, they wouldn’t change it for the world. They like to keep things a bit adventurous and classy at the same time. You might not get the hints, but women dress up to make their personalities speak for themselves.

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