If you ask us what are the most important features to highlight in a wedding makeup, then we would reply without any doubt, that eyes and lips are the features that look absolutely beautiful when adorned. And these two parts are embellished heavily with makeup due to their significance. As it is popularly said, “eyes are the window to the soul” by an anonymous source, eyes can spread the magic of emotions from within and convey one’s feelings before even the person realizes. However, if you talk about lips, lips are the way to convey the emotions one wants to, having a control over the feelings aspect.

    But there are tonnes of blogs and articles dedicated to the magnificence of eye makeup on the wedding day. So let us focus on the luscious lips that can make everybody breathless on your wedding day. Lipsticks hold a lot of power, and if you apply the suitable shade then you can easily win the show. We would rather say that lipstick is mightier than a pen. But it is not that easy to select a good lipstick shade, is it? To help you with this issue we have made a list of eight lip shades that are very popular amongst the best makeup artist in Delhi, and not only popular but also very easy to wear!

    Luminous Red Lip Shade

    The first one on our list is the poppy red lipstick that is a perfect fit for a wedding look! This passionate colour can not only bring out the inner beauty of the bride but can also add a very charming rustic vibe to her appearance that she should not miss out on any cost. It can go well with all the red wedding outfits, but before applying a red lipstick one must keep in mind that it is very important to match the skin tone properly before applying it.

    Rose Gold Lip Shade

    If you are one of those people who like to leave a little bit of glitter wherever they go then this shimmery and elegant lip shade is made just for you! The rose gold lip shade is absolutely gorgeous to look at, the best thing is that it comes with a shiny finish that is really difficult to avoid. So, if you are planning to wear this on your special day then do pair it with an elegant nude makeup, as the magnificence of this colour can be better observed with the lighter tones.

    Nude Pink Lip Shade

    The next one on our list is the nude pink lip shade for all the brides with a simple and natural taste in makeup. If you are going for a mineral makeup or a natural makeup look then this nude pink lip shade can steal the show! This lipstick will not only harmonize the whole face but also make your complexion appear a bit healthier and younger than usual.

    Scarlet Red Lip Shade

    This one is for the brides who like poppy and bright shades, scarlet red can suffice there need to wear bright lip shade on the wedding day. This can look really good if worn with nude orange makeup as, this red is a subtle blend of orange and red.  So, pair it up with some naturally glossy orange eye shadow on your wedding day!

    Hot Pink Lip Shade

    One of the most important lip shades that had to be added in the list is the hot pink lipstick that is very adorable and hot to look. It can be worn with a pearly pink makeup, it can look really pretty with a strong blusher, especially with the pink cheeks. But if you apply this lipstick then tone down the eye makeup as it is very bright, only one feature should be highlighted for the best looks.

    Bold Burgundy Lip Shade

    Last but not the least on our list is the bold burgundy lip shade that is a perfect colour for all the brides with a desire to wear a smoky and gothic makeup on their D-Day. This lipstick can be worn with white, red, blue or any other wedding dress. The best part is that, it can unlock your inner diva and make you appear confident as ever.

    We hope all these lip shades will channelize the charm right onto your bright smiles on your special day! Do wear these colours at your wedding day with all the confidence you own, because nobody can do it better than you! For more info, please visit India’s largest online wedding market

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