The popularity of makeup artists is evidence of their success in the industry that is becoming competitive day by day. So, becoming a makeup artist is no longer a piece of cake, a lot of effort, hard work, and goes into calling yourself a professional makeup artist. Makeup artistry is all about compassion and creativity by enriching people’s faces by hiding flaws and highlighting the beautiful facial features. 

    The availability of so many makeup tools and techniques is the reason why people are loving this field of art. There may be every other person calling them a makeup artist but not everyone qualifies for it. Here, you can have a look at 5 qualities of professional makeup artists. On the other hand, listening to what your clients’ have to say is extremely crucial. Thus, alongside doing your thing you have to listen to what they have to say too. For instance – many clients have lip color preferences, some want cruelty free makeup, while others want a no-makeup look. Thus, communicating effectively with clients becomes important.

    1. Patience is a virtue 

    Makeup artists meet new people every single day. Unlike other professions, where you have to sit in your cubicle and work every day, the life of a makeup artist is full of adventures. You come across people from different cultural backgrounds, families, and surroundings. Coming to the point, dealing with new people is not a child’s play, it requires a plethora of patience. You can come across people with poor attitudes, they would do nothing than just provoking you to lose your temper. Some are utterly confused when it comes to choosing what sort of makeup they want while some just want trial and error to see what looks best on them. Also, you can come across people who are never satisfied with their looks and want constant changes again and again.

    All these things can surely blow up your mind any minute, but you need to hold it up and be patient. After all, this is something that sets you apart and demonstrates your professionalism. One veracious statement from you and people can write pages on ‘how rude makeup artists are’. Thus, you have to be sweet and patient all the time while dealing with clients. 

    2. Assess Customer Needs 

    Isn’t this the most important quality irrespective of any profession? Well, the responsibility gets doubled for a makeup artist. You are not only dolling up clients by doing their makeup, but also making them ready for a special occasion which means the world to them. Thus, it can’t be anything less than perfect. 

    Every makeup artist has to become a good listener. However, you can’t tell clients their preferences aren’t making sense because the ‘customer is always right’. Remember, to be very sweet and choose the right words to explain to them how other options can look a lot better. This ensures your professionalism and reputation in the industry, satisfying customers is just an integral part of enhancing your credibility.

    3. Solid Critical Thinking Skills 

    Playing with facial features is surely challenging because everyone is blessed with a unique set of features. Makeup artists are the people who know exactly what the best on what sort of facial structure looks. Sometimes the in-depth knowledge regarding makeup tools, facial structure, techniques is not enough because everything depends on the situation.

    It can get confusing when a client asks for smoky eyes with a green dress. You want to accommodate your client by listening to what they want but at the same time, you can’t make them look like a clown. This is where your critical thinking skills can come into play. You have to see how both things can be addressed, for instance – how about you do a green Smokey eye look? It would look amazing.

    Certain situations are challenging, the makeup has to go along with the outfit at any cost. Moreover, you know what is more difficult? Choosing the right lip color, seeing whether it matches with the eye makeup, client’s dress, and their skin tone is a huge task. Thus, solid critical thinking skills are a proven quality of professional makeup artists.

    4. Constant learning

    Believe it or not, for a makeup artist learning can never stop. The constant innovations in this industry are creating endless opportunities for all the makeup artists out there. Different and new makeup tools are allowing them to try out many more things. YouTube is an epitome of learning. You can find everything there with proper instructions, making learning a smooth experience. However, this doesn’t contribute towards credibility, as having certifications from institutions is what people are looking for. Thus, you have to grab as many learning opportunities as possible.

    Are you wondering what more you can learn? Indeed, a makeup artist knows all about-face and makeup techniques but there’s a lot more to it. Search up for lash extensions and lash lifting classes, this is not something new but such services are not common up till now. Moreover, you can also lookup for ‘eyebrows’ classes. Many makeup artists are unaware of these things. Thus, keeping yourself updated can expose you to many new learning opportunities, giving you the ability to grow.

    5. Flexibility in Dealing with Clients 

    Clients are already aware of all the rules and guidelines set by makeup artists, yet flexibility is important. After all, customers are not students and can make mistakes at times, some may forget their stuff at home, and some might show up late for appointments. Time is crucial for every makeup artist and this is the reason why they charge for late arrivals.

    However, you can’t end up being rude to your client even after you have charged them for it. Alongside, flexibility also in the form of some leverage, allowing them time to think, helping them choose the right pair of lashes, etc. You don’t have to be rigid and particular with every single thing. Moreover, makeup artists come across people indulging in rude behavior with the staff, leaving after the closure of your studio. Such things are part of this profession and learning how to deal with it becomes very important. You don’t have to be rude unnecessarily, rather just fairly tell them the consequences of their attitude. 


    Life of makeup artists is very happening and challenging at the same time. The availability of learning options is allowing people to learn this art very easily. However, this doesn’t give them a tag of a makeup artist. Thus, looking for a professional makeup artist can become arduous. Have a look at the above-mentioned 5 qualities of a professional makeup artist.

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