2020 is going to be an iconic year for fashion and beauty. With hot, eye-catching trends, this is your year to try something new and share your style with the world.

    Hairstyles are no exception to the shifting trends. Here are eight Instagram worthy hair trends you’ll love for 2020. 

    Wig Wearing

    The last decade was filled with weird and wonderful Celebrity hairstyles. What people fail to realize is that many of these hot looks were served via wig wearing. From the Kardashians to Niki Minaj, rather than processing their hair and causing permanent damage, these trendsetters wore high-quality wigs.

    8 Instagram Worthy Hair Trends for 2020

    Try something new with a wig that captures a style you love and protect your precious locks from damage. Read an EvaWigs review to get a better idea of what to expect from a wig, and how to find a high-quality hairpiece to rock this year.

    Blunt Bobs and Lobs

    The angled bob of the 2010s is out, and the blunt bob is in. The blunt bob and long bob (also known as a “lob”) work with various face shapes, with or without bangs, and look great in all colors. This style is also easy to care for, making it an ideal balance between short and long hair.

    The blunt cut adds a modern look on an old favourite, creating sharpness and framing the face. This style is especially great for people who struggle with thin hair.

    Bed-Head Style Waves

    As a contrast to the polished look of long straight hair that’s been in favor recently, bed-head style waves are making a comeback. Rather than hair that’s been sprayed into submission, with this style, you can wake up, give your head a shake, and get on with your day.

    This Instagram worthy hairstyle is another look that works well for people with thin hair, as it adds dimension and volume. Add a little attitude to your blunt cut bob by creating the illusion of layers with beachy, tousled waves for a bed-head inspired look.

    Au Naturel

    2020 is a beautiful year of freedom and celebrating authenticity. The natural hair movement encourages people of African descent to proudly display their natural hair. Hair texture has historically been a focal point for racial discrimination and slurs. 

    Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’O, Viola Davis, and Alicia Keys have been walking the red carpet au naturel to celebrate the beauty of their culture. In 2020, this movement is expected to pick up steam. This is especially important in the decade of health and wellness, as relaxers and chemicals used to press natural hair can be toxic.

    Seventies-Inspired Shaggy Cuts

    The seventies are making a strong comeback in 2020s fashion, from jewel tones and bold patterns to shaggy, layered locks. Fortunately, this overall look fits well with the bed-head style trend mentioned earlier.

    Add texture to your hair with messy layers and invest in some high-quality products that allow you to air dry your hair. Pair the look with some messy curtain bangs, and change things up with some Farrah Fawcett-inspired flips.

    Bronze is Back

    Icy white blondes, shades of gray, and generally cooler tones have dominated hair color trends over the past few years. In 2020, you can save money on purple shampoo, because bronze is back with a vengeance.

    Keep things warm this year with shades of coppery bronze. In 2020, you’ll see both bronze balayage and solid, all-over bronze dyes as up-and-coming trends. This look will really take off during the summer when the sun catches your highlights and gives you a glowy, sunkissed look. 

    Ribbons and Bows

    Ribbons and bows have also made a comeback in the fashion industry. However, this look doesn’t have to be ultra-feminine. From strappy leather bows to woven ribbons, you can use this trendy accessory to add a subtle touch that completes your overall look.

    As 2020 is a year of simplicity and natural vogues, keep this look simple by adding a decorative bow or ribbon to a ponytail. Relaxed braids are also expected to be big in 2020, and look fabulous when bound with a simple ribbon. 

    Confidence is Beautiful

    Confidence is the key to rocking an Instagram worthy hairstyle. Choose a look that feels authentic to you and show it off!

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