We lied we have been taking our Rejuvenated collagen shots, skin-perfecting complex and H3 hydration shots since the summer but not regularly. For October, we decided to support the brand and the Pink Drink October campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How did our Rejuvenated 30 Day Challenge Collagen Boost Shots for Young & Mature Skin go?

    Collagen Boost Shots for Young & Mature Skin

    We are addicted to collagen shots, and now we are in the practice of taking them regularly. It is amazing how the products work differently on different skin types and ages. Our editor Nejilka Arias who is in her twenties, suffers from acne breakouts. I, for one, only get breaks outs at certain times of the month.

    Yet, I am the more seasoned one on the team and starting to show the signs of ageing. I wake up every morning with worry lines I cannot handle. Getting older is a hard pill to swallow. Yet, know I do not forget to take my Rejuvenated Collagen Boost Shots for Younger looking skin religiously.

    The founder Kathryn Danzey of Rejuvenated understands my pain. She has worked in the health and beauty industry for over 40 years and wanted to teach us how to look fantastic and live a healthier lifestyle. After engaging with her and her comments on our results over the last month. I cannot believe she is in her 60’s! Kathyrn, please help me have skin like yours.

    Our Rejuvenated Lifestyle 30 Day Challenge

    Her motto is you do not have to look your age and one I agree with. Ever since starting the Rejuvenated challenge, I often get complimented on my skin. My six-pack on my forehead has gone down to a four-pack. I hope to have no pack by next summer. LOL

    The Rejuvenated Lifestyle program has been created so that we can have beautiful, brighter, glowing skin right. The lifestyle goal is to enjoy the benefits of health and longevity. With these products, you can turn the clocks back. The biological clock is an indicator as to how healthy our body is. Time for me to also step up my work out game while taking these products.

    Rejuvenated Collagen Shots come in a re-sealable sachet pouch and contain a powder formula that can be measured and added to water or juice to create a ‘shot‘ of skin-rejuvenating goodness. They’re clinically formulated functional beauty drinks to naturally support firm, youthful skin.

    Now many young women do not know that if they start taking care of their body and skin early, they will already have a routine in place for years to come. Some of the things I am learning as a mature woman I wish I knew when I was in my twenties. 

    Yet looking at Nej’s skin a healthy lifestyle and a little collagen also help fight acne breakouts. These supplements have given us glowing skin at any age. The daily routine to start the day has made us healthier and balanced our sugar levels. I for one have found I eat fewer sweets, except at the time of the month. 

    It has also motivated us to go to the gym more, giving us vitality and soaring energy levels. The shakers that came with the Pink Drink October pack enables us to take the Rejuvenated Lifestyle with us everywhere. Even though I have put on a few pounds, I still feel lean, healthy. 

    Stay Rejuvenated On Your Travels

    This month we are grateful for the products from the Pink Drink October collection, and we helped a great cause at the same time. The groups are Limited Edition ” Pink Drink” set with 20% of proceeds going to Women v Cancer. A women’s charity supporting Breast Cancer Care. As well as Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, and Ovarian Cancer Action.  

    The ” Pink Drink” set also included Collagen Shots and H30 Hydration, to nourish and hydrate the skin from within for a gorgeous post-facial glow. They even sent a drinks menu to create your own shots. With drinks names like Pink Lady, Ginger and Liuie Splash and Pmergrante Mokito. What a cool idea to have a beauty cocktail party with all the girls and mix a little of Our Rejuvenated Lifestyle like a back in the day girls-only night. 

    Where will you take your secret to super skin this year? Me to the gym and on vacation. Let us know your secrets and comment down below. Here is to and healthy lifestyle and beautiful skin in 2020 thanks Rejuvenated. The secret is out .

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