Calvin Klein Set to Exit Collection Business

by Charlotte Smith

After the departure of Raf Simon’s from Calvin Klein, with 8 months left on his contract and the brand’s absence from the runway, many speculated the future of the high-end collection business model. Now speculation has been put to rest as it’s announced that Calvin Klein is set to exit the collection business entirely, closing both New York and Milan offices, laying off 100 employees. Michelle Kessler-Sanders, president of Calvin Klein’s renamed high-end model, 205W39NYC, will also be departing the company in June, staying on to help close that sector of the business.

A press release by Calvin Klein’s parent company PVH in January, outlined plans to rebrand the 205W39NYC collection under a ‘new name, design approach and creative direction’, following Simons exit as chief creative officer in December. Despite expressing interest in continuing with the high-end collection business model, it seems Calvin Klein has had a change of heart, deciding to shut down the business entirely, which also includes plans to close the New York flagship store.

Calvin Klein has shipped 205W39NYC for spring.


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