ETERNITY summer Calvin Klein

CALVIN KLEIN – Eternity Summer

by Supapit Saikaew

ETERNITY summer Calvin Klein captures the serenity experienced by a couple in the middle of a desert; all they can feel is the warmth of the hot sun soaking into their skin mixed with the cool airiness of night fall as they watch the sunset.


ETERNITY summer Calvin Klein for women

A fresh and feminine fragrance with an alluring appeal opens with a top of rose that evokes inner femininity; the earthy vetiver oil base brings a multifaceted appeal that exudes natural sensuality.


Fragrance: Floral – Sensual – Alluring

Top:      anise star bergamot, desert rose

Mid:      Osmathus, watery accord, saffron

Dry:       Olibanum, sandalwood, skin musk


Eau de Toilette (Size 100ml Price 3,000 baht)



ETERNITY summer Calvin Klein for men

a combination of the sensual and magnetic warmth of the skin heated by the summer sun and the cool evening breeze. The jasmine and violet leaf base is uplifting and refreshing. The heart of the fragrance brings a sensual depth and long-lastingness with the creamy and smooth essence of sandalwood.

Fragrance: Sensual – Clean – Exhilarating

Top:      bergamot oil, desert sage, ginger

Mid:      violet leaf, jasmine sambac, coconut water

Dry:       sandalwood, vetiver oil, salty musk


Eau de Toilette (Size 100ml Price 3,000 baht)


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