Burberry Mascara Review


Cosmetics industry develops a lot of different technologies to beautify women and men. There are every kind of products to sublime our face and body parts separately. On our face, mascaras are really important to look more awake and get the attention on our eyes. There are many mascaras that luxury brands had produced. I have used most of them but never got the same result as I did from the Burberry’s mascara.  


  When I have first tried it, I was in Milan hanging around with my friend. We have entered to this big Sephora at the center of Milan, and then we were just trying some different products on. I was looking to buy a good mascara back then. When I got close by to the Burberry section, I saw this amazing packaging. It looked really nice, futuristic and chic to me. I had already had my mascara on but it was not too much. When I tried the tester on, I literally felt like I had put on fake eyelashes! I have never seen anything like this before, it really does something miraculous  on people’s eyelashes. They become really long and big, I don’t have any other words to explain this situation.

 Bold and Cat Eyes Mascara


Burberry Bold Lash Mascara

Burberry Cat Lashes

I had first bought the bold lash mascara and am still using that one. It has been so long since I have bought the mascara but it lasts for good. It is enough just to put a layer on of it, I don’t know if it is because of the brush, but it works very well to make eyelashes longer and defined. In the meantime, yesterday I had the chance to try the cat lashes one and I adore it now! It made my eyelashes voluminous, longer and curlier! Definitely is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. I could recommend those two anyone by heart, with all my honesty I could say that it may be a little expensive but they worth it.

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