Tips on planning and building a family-friendly home

by Charlotte Smith

A family-friendly home

Planning and building a home is indeed an exciting part of life – although it’s littered with daunting processes and big investments and commitments. You’ll have many overlooked things during your initial planning stage, especially if it’s your first time being parents as well.

If you’re planning to build your own home or want to improve your current one, we’ll provide you with some key things that you can consider before laying the bricks and mortar. The same tips will work if you’re looking to purchase a new property.

building a family-friendly home

Plan an open-plan kitchen that’s clutter-free. While planning an open-plan kitchen with children can turn into an open-plan mess, planning and considering additional things that you need to store and customize in the kitchen will make it a clutter-free zone. The key is storage. As you plan, try to maximise storage space if possible. To make the most out of your budget, pre-empt where you could utilise your space effectively to build better storage solutions in the future.

Build the right ceiling height. Based on your budget, see if it’s possible to raise the ceiling height a few courses and make sure that the extra space is used for storage such as cupboards, pantries, and wardrobes.

The right ceiling height gives you more potential vertical storage space, plus it will create more spacious, airy, and light opening to the home as well.


Home workstation. A breakfast bar can become a homework station either before or after school. With the children facing the guardian or parent, you’ll be able to know the tasks they’re doing or assist when necessary. You’ll be able to quickly check behaviour, recite times tables, test sight words, listen to reading, or any activity for that matter.

Create more garage storage. If possible, allot extra storage space in the garage design. This is beneficial if the backyard area is too small to create a garden shed. You can also create a mini space inside the garage, so you can keep all other extra items out of view from the home’s inside. Also, allocating a space in the garage for each child to have their own storage space is a fantastic way to teach them to become organised as well.

building a family-friendly home

Give the children their own zone. Another crucial space to consider if you’re soon planning to have children is a zone that’s allocated specifically for your children. This space can be versatile, flexible, and multi-functional as they grow and changes with your family’s needs.

Starting right in a new community

Apart from building a home or improving your current one. It’s also a good idea to consider purchasing an already built home with the specifications you want. This not only saves you time but also money from any possible unsuccessful project. For instance, checking out and purchasing a Lendlease property in the Brisbane region lets you choose a home with just the right space and features your growing family needs. You can select from many home designs or even make changes once the property is turned over to you. Plus, you’ll be in a great neighbourhood with fantastic features and amenities.

There you have it. When planning and building a family home, always focus on your family’s future needs in addition to the current ones. Don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer as well to assist your upgrade. Best of luck!

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