Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

by Claudia Vannini

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Your happy day is coming up, and you can’t wet to get with your fiance and have a lifetime experience at your beautiful wedding. For everything to go as planned, you’ll need a group of bridesmaids that can be there for you when you most need them.


You might already have chosen them. But before you go off and start thinking about the bridesmaid dresses and how they should match each other, think about the proposal. If you want to make the proposal exceptional, fun and rewarding, you should follow these traditional and creative bridesmaid proposal ideas and see which one works the best for you.


Go with the traditional method

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

You can always go for a traditional, simple and cute envelope proposal. Some girls might even appreciate the verbal proposal, but it’s a special day, give them a card – the method that never fails. Don’t underestimate the power.


Customize the proposal


Customized proposals are the best. Every girl loves a surprise, small gift, cute proposals and such. You can make this proposal a thing that they never forget. Your bridesmaids are your friends. You know what they would love to have. Here are some ideas you might go with:


  • Put together several photos of you, maybe something that reminds you of your friendship, something that has a symbolic meaning, and put it all together in the box full of candy, and nicknacks.
  • Buy them a piece of jewelry that’s customized and has a little note in the box, asking them to be a bridesmaid.
  • Wear a T-shirt that says Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


You can go with other ideas. These are here to start you off.


Edible proposals


Nowadays, everything’s edible. Don’t believe us? You can buy edible cups of coffee, edible plates, and edible proposals. Have a cake, cupcake, muffin, or a cookie with the proposal sent to your friends.


Send in the flower girl


Flower girl dresses, flowers, their cute little walk, and smiles on their faces can cure everything. Use this cuteness to give a personalized proposal to your potential bridesmaids. Have a flower girl deliver the message in the basket full of chocolate (or other fillings). Make the moment emotional and cute.


The element of surprise is the best

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

We are sure you’ve seen gender-reveal scenes with the balloon popping. You can use that to propose to your bridesmaids to keep it simple and surprising. They might already know that you are going to propose, but the element of surprise changes everything.

Include modern technologies


No need to buy expensive tools and gadgets. Sit down, take a bunch of videos with you two (three or more), and combine them. Make it personal, show the emotion and bond between you guys. Create a small movie or a photo collage describing your friendship. Deliver the message (Ask the question) at the end of the movie.


The wedding is your important day. But it’s also important for your bridesmaids. Making them a creative proposal will work miracles on your enthusiasm and will make it even more fun to do all that wedding preparation later.


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