Brand to watch: Monica Vinader Accessories

A few months back, during London press days, I was introduced to many accessories brands and one is still stick to my memory, Monica Vinader. Luxurious styling, affordable pricing, and perfect packaging for gifting.

I fell in love immediately with the simplicity but unique design of PETRA Collection. Writing this now make me miss trying them on! Out of all collections shown, I favour this collection the most. It’s perfect for everyday’s look without giving up the gimmicky shapes like how most of classy accessories are. I like things that doesn’t come in a perfect circle or square but yet somehow look sophisticated.

Monica Vinader


This seasonal stone collection present the lovely colours of Pink Quartz, Moonstone and Labradorite in pyramid faceted accentuated by gold finished settings which was inspired by the shape of the ancient city of Jordanian. It’s edgy yet classy.

GP-RG-PTSS-MOOMonica VinaderGP-PT-PTPT-MOOMonica Vinader

Since I am all into wedding related topics at the moment, I asked myself a question every time I see a pair of ring I like. ‘Will I say Yes to this ring?’. For this collection, I do. It’s not always the diamond that a girl wants, at least not for me. I prefer something unique and best represent my personality. This collection reminds me of a woman in a big city, working her way toward her dream. She’s someone who appreciate the uniqueness of each designers put thoughts into every detail of their work. At the same time, she loves to see the rough shape of material in its nature form since it reminds her of the beauty of the nature. The PETRA collections perfectly convey both elements.


Other than this collection, there’s also signature bangle which I love. It’s sexy. It’s bold.



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