Bodysuits for your curves


Bodysuits for your curves

Bodysuits have been used for many years as dance attire. Instead of tucking in a shirt to get that unflattering line, bodysuits can be used instead for a comfy and flattering alternative.


Bodysuits have become such a fashion staple, being available on many different shopping platforms. So how do you know which one to wear with what? Which type best benefits your body type? Can you wear bodysuit’s out? All these answers and more will be answered to ensure your curves are accentuated and you’re left with an ultra sexy look.

Type of Bodysuit Depending on Bottoms:

Usually when wearing a bodysuit, if you have a more high cut bottom, you can wear just about any type of fabric. If you have a lower cut bottom, I would recommend a more textured body suit. Bodysuits will be tight and formfitting, so you do not want any unflattering creases and bumps to show. My favourite ones are Vero Moda Lace Body and the Club L Plus Velvet Bodysuit With Plunge Front.






Which Type of Bodysuit Suits Your Body?


For my curvy ladies who have a hourglass figure, I recommend a low-cut, sexy look. My go-to is the Halterneck bodysuit by Love. If you’re more of a pear shape, a high neck bodysuit like the Out of Words  is best for keeping your top half tight giving your bottom half all the attention. If you have an overall bigger figure, and you want something to slim you down, yet still embrace your sexy curves get a lowcut, strappy bodysuit. Suits like the Latice, will keep you looking amazing yet feeling comfortable all night.




Can I Wear These Out?

Of course! As the bodysuit trend has continued to rise, the variety has gotten larger. You can find so many different styles and textures, so of course there are fancier options available to you.   Whether you’re going to a wedding, or just for a sizzling night out with your bae, you’ll be sure to turn heads! Check out below the Oh Pretty Woman and Camilla Lace Bodysuit.





At the end of the day, we have to love and embrace all of our curves. What others may see as “imperfections” we have to come to love and accept. With new trends coming like bodysuits, to help accentuate curvy silhouettes everywhere, we really need to continue embracing our bodies! Just because you don’t have the stereotypical model body type, does not mean you cannot partake in all fashion trends, so embrace your body!

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