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Yves Rocher is one the most famous brand in France. They are known for being one the first brand to sell organic and paraben free products.

They have a lot of products, including makeup, skincare, body care for men and women. Their product range is very wide, and I have a lot of skincare products from them. Today, I want to focus on one of the best body lotion I have ever tried : the Sensual Body Lotion.

Coconut & Bourbon Vanilla

I initially bought one bottle because it was on sale, and I liked the smell. But I did not know that I would completely fall in love with it. The first scent that I bought was « Coconut », and it is my favorite so far. The smell is incredible, and doesn’t fade away after the application. It leaves the skin really smooth and soft. The bottle is really big, which is a big plus, considering the amount of product we use on our entire body.

Yves Rocher is affordable. And if you have a loyalty card from them, you will get private sales and discounts every month. That’s when I went for round 2 and bought two bottles of a different scent, « Bourbon Vanilla ». Absolutely divine. While I really love this vanilla scent, Coconut remains my favorite. I still have others to discover. That is why I wanted to feature them in my article.

They recently extended their collection,which I bought of course (in « Coconut »), and added the :

« Sensual Bath & Shower Gel »& « Gentle Soap »

If you want to shop and you live in France, it’s right over here. For the United States, the site is over here, and you get free delivery if you order for 40 $. The bottle retails for 4,95 €, and 10 $. The brand ships internationally, so you don’t have any excuse and it gives you the opportunity to try out many more scents.

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