Nothing beats exploring the world on your bicycle, going on adventures together. Feeling the wind blow through your hair and enjoying the sunshine on your face. All this with your baby safe in between your arms in a Bobike safety seat.

Besides clever Dutch design, comfort and ease of use, Bobike uses a unique double-walled design for all safety seats to ensure optimum protection. Bobike Exclusive Tour seat lets you discover the world with your child in a healthy and happy way.

Featuring a double-walled design, Exclusive is an extra safe seat. The unique contoured belts are adjustable with one hand and keep your baby upright, even when they fall asleep. So beautiful and so safe that the Dutch Consumer Organization awarded it with the Best Tested and Best Buy titles.

The Bobike EXCLUSIVE is a bicycle safety seat that can be mounted on the rear of your bike and is suitable for children from approximately 9 months to 6 years of age or a maximum body weight of 22 kg. The Click & Go mounting system not only allows for speedy installation, you are also able to quickly and easily switch the seat between bicycles. In addition, the Tour offers an in height adjustable headrest, which makes it the perfect seat for longer rides. The unique contoured belts are adjustable  with one hand are and keep your baby upright, even when it falls asleep.



Double-walled seat for extra safety. Unique seatbelt system keeps your child in an upright position.
Wrap design body coverage for extra child safety.


Soft, water-proof cushion. Adjustable footrests, no tools needed. Easy to adjust safety belt. Assembly key included.


The mounting block comes with two options for smaller and larger tubes. Best tested by the Dutch Consumer Organization. Awarded Best Buy by the Dutch Consumer Organization. The seat features a little handlebar letting kids actively participate in the ride.

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