BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge

BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge

by Charlotte Smith

BlackHair Hotspot London

I have to admit growing up in New York has made me a blackhair snob.  If my hair is not done correctly I am literally depressed.  As a women of color with three different textures that I have to maintain, finding the right hair dresser in any country is hard work.  Happy to share my experience at our new London Beauty Hotspot, for natural hair the Hair Lounge.   BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge My girlfriend Kenya Hunt Fashion Features Director at ELLE UK, recommended that I book an appointment with Charlotte Mensah.   Her salon is  located at  347 Portobello Road London W10 5SA.  Kenya’s hair always looks amazing.  Now that I have decided to grow out my hair, color it and occasionally give it a Keratin treatment.   salon and hair stylist cooperation

Meet  Charlotte Mensah

I also have been on the hunt to find hair salons who will help me reach my goals.  I was delighted to meet Charlotte not only because we shared the same name, but because she shared my vision for my hair.  Most famous black women and fashion editors a like in London trust their hair to Charlotte.  EVE the rapper is also a neighbour and regular client. Now I have an excuse to take off to London every six weeks thanks to Charlotte and her amazing staff. Clients are treated like girlfriends, offered tea on arrival.  If you are lucky on the date of the your appointment Charlotte may have been in a baking mood.  They they will serve up some homemade cakes to nibble on as you relax and get your natural, or chemically treated hair done. BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge On the day of my appointment I was booked for a a color, cut and style.  Since three is a charm, I think I was gluttonous and had 3 servings of Charlotte’s homemade cake.  Delicious all around.The atmosphere is inviting and well kept. Charlotte leaves nothing unfinished. The salon decor is also like an African Art Gallery.  I loved the showcase of wood picks on display. Like I said I am a hair and salon snob.  I check to see how the salon looks, how the hairstylist hair is done, before I sit down in a chair and let them put their fingers in my hair. wigs for men I cased out the salon before I entered so hard, Charlotte actually came outside to ask what I was taking pictures of.  I let her know I was her next victim and it was nice to meet you.  She admittedly welcomed me into her salon and asked what I was having today. I am a red head and she suggested we touch up my color and make it more vibrant.  We were contemplating spring and summer hair shades.  She and her staff took me from dull hair to ravishing red again.  I must have spent three hours with them, but it was worth it.  We did not spend the time on ideal hair salon gossip, or waiting like in other blackhair salons.  Which is sometimes the norm.  At the Hair Lounge they work as a team and get right down to business. BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge Charlotte is Award-winning hairstylist, owner and artistic director of the Hair Lounge salon, founder of the Charlotte Mensah Academy and an inspiration to stylists, business owners and women worldwide. She’s achieved all this and more through hard work unwavering self-belief and it also helps that she’s such a genuine, down-to-earth person.  Now she even has her own line of haircare products that are so Haute Couture for Blackhair.   Blackhair There was no way that I was not leaving with out a pricey bottle of her Marketti Hair Oil. I suggested that she make travel sizes, for women like me who are always on the go.  Charlotte believes that your hair, needs to be properly conditioned and cared for, to look and feel its best. Her multi award winning Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil premium hair care range is designed for afro/mixed and all curly hair types.   The Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil range is made using organic, ethical and sustainable sourced oils, these products not only deliver amazing results but also smell divine. The luxurious formulas are as kind to the earth as they are to your hair.  I now use the oil once a week, she told me that my hair does not need more then that. Here is to happy healthy black hair!  Thank you Charlotte and your team at the Hair Lounge Salon for treating me like a Queen.  I will surely be back!

BlackHair Hotspot London: My Day at the Hair Lounge

347 Portobello Road London W10 5SA

T : 020 8969 9444

Tue to Thu – 10am to 6pm Friday – 10am to 8pm Saturday – 10am to 6pm


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