The best way to remove your nail polish | Quick & Easy

I feel like no one talks about this topic. If you had to choose only one, would you choose the regular nail polish remover or the Express nail polish remover? What is the best way to clean your nails according to you?

The answer is easy for me, I would spend the rest of my life with the regular nail polish remover.Every brand is trying to come out with the perfect and revolutionary product, but it’s hard. The less the consumer can do, the better it will work, that’s the sad truth.

I have been using the express remover for a while, and I was never fully happy with it. It is a good product to have on hands if you are in a hurry but it is not in the long term.

If you are someone who only uses neutral colors on your nails (light brown, nude, pastel colors etc.), you might love it. But if like me, you like dark and pigmented colors, you absolutely need the regular one to remove the polish properly.

What is an Express Nail Polish Remover? 

This product is a bottle filled with nail polish remover, and inside there is a sponge with a hole in the middle. All you have to do is stick your finger into it and rub your nail back and forth on the sponge and it will remove the polish. You can find it for hands and feet.

What is a Regular Nail Polish Remover? 

Well, this is self-explanatory. It is just nail polish remover in which you have to use cotton pads and rub them onto your nails.

The Express Nail Polish Remover, also called Bath Nail Polish Remover in French, is a good alternative for light colors and if you are on the go. But the truth is that the sponge doesn’t allow all the nail to be cleaned. It always leaves nail polish on the edges of the nails, so you always have to go for a second clean-up with a Q-tip or cotton pad. And if you dip your Q-tip in the bottle, it will come out dirty because all the nail polishes you are removing are accumulating inside. The remover gets dirtier and dirtier, which makes the clean-ups harder and harder as time goes by.

The regular one is the one we have been using for ages. Take a cotton pad, take your remover, and clean your nails. Simple and effective.

What do you prefer? Do you like the Express Nail Polish Remover?


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