Best Travel Souvenirs to Bring Home

by Charlotte Smith

Best Travel Souvenirs 

Ref magnet and keychains for travel souvenir? Forget about it! They are overrated! If you want something to take home that will remind you of your fun holidays, read on and I will share some of the best things that you might want to consider having.

Travel Photos

Best Travel Souvenirs to Bring Home

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is exactly why photos are the best travel souvenirs. No, I am not talking about the photos that you have in your phone. Make it more memorable by having it transformed into canvas prints. You can have it displayed on the wall and instantly turn it into a piece of art.

Before printing your photos on canvas, see this helpful sizing guide to choose which one will be perfect for the specific area at home where you intend to display your travel pictures.


Condé Nast Luxury Traveller in France Now in Mandarin

Feeling proud that you have been to a specific country or city? There is no better way to display your pride than through a shirt from that place. Even breweries, clubs, and bars are using shirts as a means of promotion. You can wear these shirts when you are out for a casual night with friends. It can also be a good conversation starter if ever you bump into a person who has been in the place printed on your shirt.

Shot Glasses

In one article from Forbes, it has been noted that the best travel souvenirs are cheap items that you can use every day. If you love drinking, a shot glass will surely be a great idea. You can be creative on the ways to use it. You can also use it to display your plants, including herbs. It will make a nice decorative piece in the kitchen. Layer it with pebbles and other materials that will look great when displayed.


If you ever visit a city or country that is known for high-quality fabrics, it will also be a nice souvenir to bring home. The good thing with fabric is its versatility. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ways to use fabric. You can have a customized top using this fabric. You can also use it as a curtain, tablecloth, or cover for your accent pillows.


A lot of you may not like ceramics because they are fragile. There is a high chance that they will break in transit. Yes, this could happen, but only if you do not pack it right. Look for ceramics with bold colours and geometric patterns. They will make nice decorative pieces in any space.


Show off your sense of style with the use of jewellery purchased from your recent trip. There is no need to buy diamonds! There are cheap gemstones that look beautiful, yet they are meaningful. Look for charms and stones that are known to bring good luck!

Bring home the souvenirs mentioned above and you will be always reminded of the good times you had during your vacation!


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