Discover the Best Spots to Visit by Car Along the French Riviera

The Best Destinations for a Luxury Car Outing Along the French Riviera

Take your luxury rental car for a drive along the French Riviera and discover the most beautiful spots of France in style.

Discover the Best Spots to Visit by Car Along the French Riviera

When choosing your villa rental along the French Riviera, an important point to take into account is whether a car rental concierge service is provided with your holiday home. The best conciergeries take pride in providing individual solutions to all of your car hire needs, be it for an airport transfer, a cruise along the coast, or a formal event.

The French Riviera, with its panoramic seaviews, azure waters, and winding coastal roads is a paradise of beauty and culture, waiting to be explored in style.

Along the Corniches

Discover the Best Spots to Visit by Car Along the French Riviera

Carved into the rock above Villefranche, Eze, and Monaco lie the Corniches, three sister roads. La Gran Corniche was constructed by Napoleon for his Italy campaign, and cruising along its sea vistas, it is easy to see why this area was fought hard over. Winding and narrow, the Corniches can be challenging yet thrilling to navigate in a luxury car rental, and the views they open up onto the Mediterranean Sea are incomparable.


Following the Basse Corniche northeast from Monaco, you reach the town of Menton. Famed for its tangerines and lemons, the local covered market is certainly worth a visit. Park your luxury rental car, and refresh yourself after your drive with a cold drink while admiring the magnificent Belle Époque architecture of this town, lovingly nicknamed The Pearl of France.

Mercantour National Park

Discover the Best Spots to Visit by Car Along the French Riviera

If you are in the mood for a longer drive, Mercantour National Park awaits you a bit further north of Menton. This jewel of nature is a cornucopia of biodiversity, and home to over 200 types of rare plants. If you pack your hiking gear into the trunk of your car, you can discover the granite faces sporting petroglyphs from the Bronze Age on foot.



Discover the Best Spots to Visit by Car Along the French Riviera

A leisurely drive southwest of Monaco along the coast will lead you through Antibes to the town of Grasse. This beautiful spot surrounded by fields of flowers is considered the perfume capital of the world, producing exclusive scents and fine fragrances the way it has since medieval times. If you are visiting during August, you can experience the annual Fête du Jasmin, a big celebration of jasmine that turns the whole town into a fragrant party.

Whichever part of the French Riviera you choose to explore, in the right rental car it is sure to turn into an adventure. A good car rental concierge service appreciates that a luxury holiday begins with adequate transportation, and will assist you with all of your car needs, so you can focus on making the most of your stay on the French Riviera.


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