Belstaff International: Katarina Kyvalova Discusses Belstaff & Racing

by Charlotte Smith

Katarina Kyvalova Discusses Belstaff & Racing

Slovakian-born racing driver Katarina Kyvalova has had a glittering career so far and is at home on the race circuit and in a rally car. She was a founding member of the Bentley Belles – the only all-female team to compete in a Bentley – and she has taken a podium place at Goodwood Revival alongside Phil Keen in the Freddie March memorial trophy. According to Kyvalova, however, the toughest experience that she has had behind the wheel was a 24-hour race – Benjafields 24.

A Passionate Racer

Katarina Kyvalova has garnered a fair amount of attention within the last few weeks in light of International Women’s Day and she has certainly played a huge role in levelling the playing field in the racing industry. For, Kyvalova, however, it is all about her passion:

“I don’t want to prove the point about how well women can do against a man on a race track, I simply share the same passion for racing and that is what counts”.


It is not just on the track where Katarina Kyvalova has been inspiring people. She also has become somewhat of a style icon in the racing world as she always looks the part. Katarina Kyvalova is rarely seen without a stylish Belstaff jacket – she commented on her favourite jacket and her gorgeous 1927 Bentley Speed Six:

“Every single rally, every single race, I’m in a Belstaff jacket. They have done thousands of miles in this car. They belong to each other.”

Other Influential Women

Katarina Kyvalova certainly is one of the more influential female figures in this industry, but she is not the only one and International Women’s Day has been a good opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of other females. Women such as aviator Tracey Curtis-Hill has encouraged more women to enter a typically male-dominated field and survival consultant Megan Hine knows more than a thing or two about surviving against the odds. These women found their own influential figures looking back through history, however, such as American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart who was the first female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. Amy Johnson, meanwhile, was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930 and then from London to Cape Town in 1932.

Amelia Earhar

International Women’s Day has shined a light on some highly influential figures in the aviation and racing industries. There have been a number of influential and prominent figures in these areas over the years who have proven that everyone is equal in what has sometimes been male-dominated fields. Katarina Kyvalova is certainly one of these figures and someone who has had a terrific career to date and levelled the playing field, but she has also influenced people through her cool fashion taste and style too.

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