Beauty Campaign | L’Oréal celebrates women’s diversity

by Sabah Mansour
Beauty Campaign | L’Oréal celebrates women’s diversity



It is one of the best campaign’s  I could have read about. L’Oréal Paris based in United Kingdom recently made a campaign that celebrates the beauty of us, women.

It is a marketing strategy that has been a true success, everyone responded well to this campaign and loved this idea.

What is this idea would you ask ? Well, for the launch of the 23 shades of the new True Match foundation, L’Oréal stroke perfectly. They hired diverse women for this campaign, including pop star Cheryl Cole, famous british influencers and non-famous women like you and me. The goal is to talk about our beauty, no matter our skincolor, no matter our skin issues, no matter our gender.

A foundation shade for every one of us

Check out the video below, and let me know what you think about it. The people who took part in this campaign talk about what beauty means to them, and it is beautiful (pun intended).


If you want to see the reactions to this genuine campaign, check out #YoursTruly on Twitter. The campaign is celebrated by the audience.


I hope we will see this kind of advertising here in France, it would be nice.

What do you guys think about this campaign ? Have you tried this True Match foundation by L’Oréal ?

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