Perfect Selfie HD Powder | Wunder 2

by Sabah Mansour

Last week we talked about the WunderBrow, the eyebrow product that is rising. We had mixed feeling about it, it is a good product but the applicator was a bit difficult to work with. You can read the full review here. Today, I continue this series with the same brand but with a different product, the Perfect Selfie, HD Photo Finishing Powder. And there is no mixed feelings about it, I simply love it.


Perfect Selfie HD Powder | Wunder 2

A few months ago, I talked about my two favorite face powders (article here), and after trying this one, I want to add it to my favorites and make it a top 3.

What is it ? The Perfect Selfie is a translucent powder. Not only does it set the makeup, but it also gives a flawless and smooth skin after application.

Why HD Photo ? In this era of social media, everyone posts selfies. If you are one of those people, you most definitely have to try this powder. If you are not, try it anyway, it will leave your skin really soft and it’s worth it.

The product claims to work in under two minutes. To be fair, I can’t tell you if it’s true. I wore this powder many times, but I took photos hours after. The result was really great.

Wunder 2 definitely knows what to say to make this powder a success. Perfect Selfie is the perfect name, and they even ask you to snap your own selfie to show it really works.

Perfect Selfie HD Powder | Wunder 2Perfect Selfie HD Powder | Wunder 2

To all selfie lovers and Instagramers, you need this powder in your makeup collection. You can buy it right here for 24,95 €. All you have to do is wear your favorite lip shade and snap a selfie.

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