Beauty Trend 2017 | Untamed & Bushy Eyebrows for a natural look

We started the year with the bushy brow trend. Everyone was thickening their brows with pencils and gels to follow this trend. It is already disappearing. The biggest trend right now is to have untamed brows. Meaning? Wear your brows like you never touched them in your entire life. Do you know the bed head hairstyle? Well, the untamed brows are basically the same. You have to make them look as natural as possible.


Zoe Kravitz here is wearing the trend. She is rocking the untamed, unplucked brow style.

We all know Cara Delevingne was the reason why the bushy eyebrows kicked in. Follow her lead, let your brows grow and rock it.


The key to making it work is to feather out the beginning of your brow for a subtle and natural look, like Zendaya.


The brows should be big and filled in, but they need to be groomed. You have to make sure they look good. You can also carve them out with a bit of concealer or an eye pencil, for a sharper line.

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If you have really thin eyebrows, I suggest you take a look at Julia Graf’s channel on Youtube. She is a really talented makeup artist, and she has really thin natural brows. Yet, she managed to make them look bigger and trendy.


What is your trend when it comes to your brows? Let us know below!

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