Beauty Review | Long-wearing Tarteist Lip Paint by Tarte

Do you always worry about staining your clothes, your coffee mug with your lipstick ? Well that time is over. Don’t worry and go grab yourself a Tarteist lip paint by Tarte Cosmetics.

This is probably one of the best lip paint I have ever tried. I bought my very first one in the shade Fortune, which is a very deep matte brown. I didn’t have high expectations about it. High coverage, long-lasting and stain free? That seemed a lot to be true. But I am glad to say that I was wrong.

Tarteist Lip Paint Swatch


I love so much my lip paint that I am most definitely buying other shades really quickly.


Not only you won’t have to worry about applying your lipstick every hour, but you won’t even have to worry about it smudging your teeth. And we all know that is a problem we all encounter.

My only complaint would be the accessibility of the brand Tarte. Sadly, it isn’t available everywhere. If you live in France like me, you probably already know it. And if you order on their website, it will takes weeks to deliver and you might pay some fees.

Tarte Cosmetics is a high-end brand, it is very successful and I hope the brand will soon be available in France.


All the photos belong to Tarte Cosmetics.

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