The Limited Edition O!mega Bronzer in Tan-tastic! by Marc Jacobs

It came out a few months ago. It took me a little while to get it but I finally did. The Limited Edition Bronzer in Tan-tastic! by Marc Jacobs has finally joined my other bronzers in my makeup collection.


Why am I talking about this now? Because I see the rave about this product, but I also see bloggers and influencers calling this bronzer not worth it because of the selling price.


I have to disagree. This bronzer is a very luxurious product. The bronzer itself is beautiful and will suit any skin tone. The pigment is exactly what we need, not too much. It is subtle but buildable. So, if you want a more intense bronzing effect, all you have to do is layer.


If you got your hands on it just like me, then consider yourself lucky. The price might be high, yes, but the bronzer is gigantic. You don’t need a lot of product for a maximum effect, two layers would be enough. That’s why I believe this O!mega bronzer is incredibly worth it. You can buy a cheaper one, but it won’t last as long as this one.


Plus, the packaging is beautiful. Marc Jacobs usually like the black sleek and shiny packaging (which I really like), but in white, it is even more beautiful and screams luxury.



Sadly, you can’t buy it anymore. But keep an eye out, we never know. Marc Jacobs might come out with it again. It was such a major success that I would not be surprised to see those beautiful white boxes and coconut scented bronzers on the shelves at Sephora again.



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