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by Tillie Eze

So this Beauty Hotspot story is going to be a part series. Why? Well, as Klara Beauty Lab is the first ever medical spa we’ve featured, it’s always a plus to try multiple treatments offered at other spas, and compare it to the medical, more personalized version of it. This time, we’ll be discussing Klara’s Signature Facial.

Now, if you don’t remember, Klara was the Spa Therapist who customized my ClaySpray experience a few months back. The owner of her own treatment center, in the highly sought after area of the Upper East Side, Klara takes this care and expertise with her everywhere. A warm, and kind woman, Klara ensures your time with her is filled with delicious indulgences, a calm atmosphere and a one-of-a kind service that will keep you not only returning, but telling your friends about it too.

Design of KBL

But, the services aren’t the only thing that sets Klara’s Beauty Lab apart from the others. The moment I walked in, I was greeted with a slice of Lady M’s 20 layer crepe cake, a glass of bubbly and the standard introductory form where I was told, “Enjoy your food first.” From there, I was whisked away to a blue lit room where after admiring my glow in the dark pedicure, Klara had me lay on the most comfortable spa table known to man. It actually is. It’s very rare to find one of such performance in even the most luxurious spas.


Comprised of several treatments benefiting your skin that day, not your skin at the time you make your appointment, her signature facial lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours – which is longer than most other facilities around. Why so long? The whole point is to really get the most out of each session, whether you come every month or every few months. Klara explained that though many places offer particular facials or massages utilizing a strict formula, she creates a formula based on you. Encompassing caviar firming masks, oxygen infusion, tuning forks, extractions – just to name a few – every step is executed in a relaxing, therapeutic manner. If Klara and I hadn’t been chatting and laughing, I probably would have fallen asleep.

Situated a few blocks from The Mark Hotel, New York’s most popular shopping mecca, and Museum Mile, Klara Beauty Lab is the mandatory end to any New York day of pampering. Just a heads up, you need to book a couple of weeks in advance.

For more information on Klara Beauty Lab or how to make an appointment, visit them online.

Klara, Peter and I after treatment

Having a little fun after the treatment with Klara and Peter.

All photos except bottom photo taken with Ricoh’s PENTAX K-50.

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