Beauty Hotspot | Halo Laser by Sciton

by Tillie Eze
Beauty Hotspot | Halo Laser by Sciton

Written by Guest Contributor, Anne Edmond

As we age, our skin may experience changes in texture, color, and elasticity. Sun damage, and stress also contribute to these alterations, often adding unwanted years on to our appearance. In addition, acne scars and enlarged pores can also be something we suffer from. While the options to reverse these treatments at home are extremely limited, Sciton has an answer: the Halo Fractional Laser. I had the opportunity to experience this amazing procedure at Dr. Mark Schwartz’ beautiful East Side office. Here you will find an exclusive entrance into the doctor’s office, and a comforting, accommodating, and private environment.

Sciton’s Halo Laser is a cutting-edge, hybrid fractional laser; it is the only one of its kind available to patients today. Using concentrated laser energy, the Halo gently creates microscopic ‘holes’ in the surface of the skin. As the tissues heal, glowing, new skin appears. This mild injury to the skin encourages the body’s natural collagen production, continuing to improve the appearance over the months to come. The Halo Laser utilizes Dynamic Thermal Optimization (DTO) to continually measure the skin’s temperature, automatically making changes to the energy’s density and pulse, meaning treatments are both safe and effective.

After the initial consultation where Dr. Schwartz provided extensive information on Sciton’s Halo Laser Treatment and answered all of my questions, his amazing team applied a topical anesthetic that would stay on my face for approximately 30-45 minutes. It was at that time that the doctor
came back in to not only tell me what to expect with the procedure, but also how to treat my skin in the days following. Because this amazing laser is fully customizable depending on the patient’s desired outcome, down time can range from just 2 days to about a week. As I chose for the most aggressive treatment due to my enlarged pores, I halfway expected it to hurt and was ready to be down for a week. But the best part? You can wear makeup the day after the procedure! For working professionals who don’t have the luxury of taking weeks off for the prehistoric laser treatment to heal, being able to wear makeup the next day is pretty fantastic.

VISIO Technology Imaging

Following the topical anesthetic, I was swept off into another room where images were taken of my face with the VISIA treatment, highlighting the areas where my sin has the most damage and transmitting this information to the Halo Laser for optimum results. It’s extremely interesting to see your skin in these photos!

Then the treatment began in a beautiful surgical suite right inside Dr. Schwartz’ practice. For 25 minutes, I was amazed at the practically painless procedure and instead mildly warm sensation I felt. I have a very low pain threshold and was so pleasantly surprised that at the worst, it was the all too familiar feeling of falling asleep in the sun with no sunscreen. The heat only lasted about 10 minutes after the procedure, with the doctor’s staff taking turns slathering my face with ice water soaked gauze. It felt wonderful.

Surgery Suite

For my recovery, Dr. Schwartz kindly provided me with his own botanically infused 4 Tier skincare line: Cleanse, Moisturize, Sunscreen and Anti-Aging. From the Cleanse line, I received Soothing Cleanser with kumquat and kiwi fruit extracts and Purifying Cleanser with grapefruit and orange
extracts. Intensive Moisturizing Cream with cactus and coconut extract and Ultimate Daily Moisturizer with apricot extract and SPF 20 from the Moisturize line. Ultimate Mineral Protection that is a true transparent zinc formula with SPF40 from the Sunscreen line, and from the Anti-Aging line, Rejuvenating Lip Balm with rosemary and coconut and SPF 30. I think my favorite part about Dr. Schwartz’ line is it compliments all skin types and is gentle enough for anyone to use.

The next day, my skin had a sand paper texture, and I cleansed 2-3 times and applied moisturizer as needed. I immediately noticed the reduction in my pore size, and hoped after the skin peeled and revealed my new skin; I would be just as pleased. True to the technology, I could have most certainly applied makeup the very next day after the procedure. However seeing as I didn’t have to, I stuck to the cleaning + moisturizing regimen. Days 3 and 4, the M.E.N.D.S. of Halo appeared, indicating I was getting a great response to the treatment. M.E.N.D.S. is the acronym for ‘Microscopic Epithelial Necrotic Debris’ and are the result of the laser energy creating columns of injury that are absorbed into the deeper tissue and then come to the surface.

7 days later, the peeling was about finished, but I knew there was still some sloughing that needed to occur. In 10 days from treatment I am fully healed and feeling 10 years younger! Everyone notices something is different, but no one can guess and I love it!


Over the next 6 months, I can expect the healing skin pockets to fill in with newly generated collagen, giving me a continuous dewy and glowing look. I am so amazed by just one treatment with Sciton’s Halo Laser that I would recommend it to anyone suffering from skin damage that home remedies cannot fix.

Additional Benefits of the Halo Fractional Laser:
• Improves the skin’s tone and elasticity
• Smoothens and softens skin texture
• Corrects sun damaged areas
• Eliminates epidermal dark spots
• Diminishes the look of large pores
• Eases fine lines and wrinkles

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