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by Charlotte Smith

All most every summer since, I was a sassy smartass teenager I do the same thing. Play kitchen beautician and ruin my hair.  This summer was no different and the end result was my hair felt like straw.  By the time fall rolled around I was in need of some serious hair care. Luckily  I was smart enough to book a session at the Beauty Hotspot Daniel Hersheson Salon London.

I had no choice but to follow celebrities with super short hairstyles & pixie cuts, like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Charlize Theron, Vanessa Hudgens and of course the gorgeous Halle Berry. Could I be brave enough to let it go and chop it all off?  If it meant repairing my hair then yes!  Now felt like the best time to update my hair for autumn at the Beauty Hotspot Daniel Hersheson Salon London infamous for Eight cuts. Eight different headspaces. Eight separate templates, each one designed to be a starting point for defining your character.  Each cut has a backstory blended from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties heroines of fashion, from street and pop-culture. All of them are revamped for the twenty first century. Everything’s to be discussed adapted, tweaked, and perfected before a scissor touched my locks.  They only thing I knew was that I needed a Keratin treatment to repair my dry damaged hair and I wanted a cute cut that fit my face, something 1920’s the era I am obsessed with.  The Daniel Hersheson Salon London put me in the hands of Christina Heuwagen. And we clicked immediately.

Hotspot London Salon


Another reason I relaxed in my chair is because of  the history behind the salon. The Daniel Hersheson brand first sprang onto the fashion scene during the early Nineties with the opening of its flagship Conduit Street Store.  Where I was about to trust them to revamp my tired look.  The salon was Fashion-forward from the start; its particular brand of stealth styling meant the salon quickly became a firm favorite with models, celebrities and the fashion press. In 2004, the Hershesons opened another salon in Harvey Nichols, London complete with ‘hairspa’ and offering extensive beauty treatments.

Two years later they created the ultimate in accessible hair and fashion, (a choice from 12 catwalk styles for £25 and completed with 30 minutes) with the opening of Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, which launched in Topshop’s Oxford Circus store and more recently at Westfield, St. Paul’s and Selfridges Oxford Street. Daniel Hersheson continues to break new ground, most recently with their original and exclusive Hershesons Permanent Blow Dry.  This would be how they would start to repair my damaged hair before Christina put her magic fingers on it.

After my Kertain Permanent Blow Dry treatment Christina came to find out what I wanted to do with my hair.  She looked at it and agreed we needed to get rid of the damage bits, and give it a nice new look.  She looked at the shape of my face and said I would look good with a short bomb and asked how short did I want to go.  I had gotten this far and said, “let’s go all the way baby”.  Before she put scissors to my hair she walked me through the shape and how much she would cut. Since my hair was broken all over she wanted to clean it up, but also give me a cut that I could manage on my own.

Beauty Hotspot Daniel Hersheson Salon London


Christina is awesome and I am booking an appointment for a shape up with her soon.  Not only did she give me a cut that I can manage, she trained me in how I could easily style my new hair cut  in different ways all by my self.  She gave me options,  I could keep is sleek and neat or messed up and wear it a little like Nancy ex girlfriend of Sid Vicious.  Not only did she teach me how to do my hair, she taught me a trick on how to use hairspray.  One thing you have to know I hate hairspray.  She told me do not spray hairspray directly on the hair, spray it in your hands then rub it on the hair to hold the style!  Who knew?

Beauty Hotspot Daniel Hersheson Salon London

Beauty Hotspot Daniel Hersheson Salon London is more of an experience then just a hair salon.  The minute you walk in you are treated like a superstar client. Their job is to make you feel beautiful.  This London Beauty Hotspot has everything you need for a day at the beauty salon, you won’t mind spending hours there.  With healthy food a drinks available on demand to pass the time and of course you’re favorite magazines to read. The friendly staff  is ready  and skilled to  transform you into the beauty that you already are.   The other reason I love the salon is that it caters to all hair types and if you want a little privacy they can manage that too.



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