10 Most Beautiful Jewelry Worn at the Royal Wedding

by Charlotte Smith

The Royal Wedding Family Jewels

On the 19th of May 2018, Prince Harry and actress Meghan Merkle exchanged vows before the altar of St. George’s Chapel. The event, which was broadcasted around the world, was a display of style intertwined with the English Royal House’s austerity. Although the outfits and jewelry worn by the wedding guests are far from the grandeur one would expect from an event of such magnitude, the simple and, perhaps, humble wedding fashion only added to the solemnity of the moment. In this article, we’re going to showcase the most beautiful jewelry worn at Merkle’s royal wedding.

  1. Necklace and Pearl Earrings – Queen Elizabeth

    During Harry’s wedding, Queen Elizabeth wore an exquisite pearl necklace and matching earrings. The broach – a stunning assortment of diamonds and pearls in arranged in the form of a flower – has been in the British Royal Family since the 19th century. It was made in 1893 by Hunt & Roskell and presented to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck.  Looking like a real-life queen doesn’t have to be expensive. For those of you who want a natural pearl necklace just like Queen Elizabeth, you can find a similar one on PearlsOnly.

  2. Bulgari Diamond and Gold Necklace – Serena Williams

    Serena Williams and Alexis OhanianSerena Williams, the professional tennis player, also attended the royal wedding, accompanied by Alexis Ohanian, the famous American investor, and Internet entrepreneur. Mrs. Williams wore an exquisite Bulgari Monete diamond and an opulent golden necklace.

  3. Kiki McDonough earrings – Princess Charlotte

    Princess Charlotte and her motherPrincess Charlotte, the bridesmaid, wore a pair of Kiki McDonough diamond earrings. She was dressed in an Alexander McQueen tailed coat and wore a Philip Treacy hat.

  4.  Pink topaz and pearl necklace – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, worn an exquisite pearl and pink topaz necklace. She was dressed in an Ana Valentine signature coat dress and, of course, a Philip Treacy hat. The Duchess of Cornwall’s style is legendary, and her presence during Prince Harry’s wedding proved just that.

5. Art Deco tiara – Meghan Markle

Meghan Merkle in wedding dress

During the event, Meghan Markle, the bride-to-be, wore a beautiful diamond bandeau tiara, borrowed from Queen Elizabeth’s private jewel collection. Sometimes called the Art Deco tiara, this exquisite piece was made and gifted to Queen Mary in 1932.  

6. Beladora sapphire – Abigail Spencer

Abigal Spencer and Priyanka Chopra

Abigail Spencer, the co-star of Suits and Meghan Merkle’s best friend, wore a Beladora sapphire and a blue polka-dotted dress by Alessandra Rich.

7. Diamond studs – Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer, the famous English fashion must have turned a couple of heads with her hunter-green dress and hat and, of course, her diamond studs earrings and matching necklace.

8. Gold and silver vine ear climber – Gena Torres

 Gena Torres

Although the vine ear climber is a glam accessory, it’s hardly associated with formal events, especially a wedding taking place in the Royal Family. But, lo and behold, Gina Torres, the American actress, known for her roles in Firefly, Xena: Warrior Princess, Westworld, and Suits, managed to turn simple, night-on-the-the-town jewelry into an accessory appropriate for such an august event.

9. Lorraine Schwartz lightning bolt earrings – Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Indian beauty, singer, actress, and philanthropist Priyank Chopra wore a pair of Lorraine Schwartz lightning bolt earrings. The dress she wore during the Royal Wedding bore Vivienne Westwood’s signature.

10. 17-carat pear-shaped diamond drop earrings – Amal Clooney

Amal and George Clooney

And our last Royal Wedding attendee on our list is the charming Amal Clooney, George Clooney’s wife, and a specialist in human rights and international law. Amal made her entrance in the Winsor Castle wearing a pair of exquisite pear-shaped diamond drop earrings and a beautiful yellow dress, courtesy of Stella McCartney.


As you might have deduced, the Royal Wedding wasn’t about glamor or about parading in million-dollar suits or dress. It was about celebrating the union between Meghan Merkle and Prince Harry, who have been a couple since 2016. Still, this doesn’t mean that the organizers didn’t go cutting corners – the even cost the Royal House over 32 million pounds.

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