Review beach wedding at Cape Dara Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

I cried.

Yes, but it was tears of happiness and probably a bit of jealousy when I witness a sweet dream-like beach wedding of a lovely couple. The wedding took place at Cape Dara Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. Well, for those who know Pattaya, you might heard about its red light night lives and how it is the home of the prettiest men on earth. Yes, there’s men that are prettier than women! Anyway, let’s not get into that and come back to dreaming about weddings. I didn’t know Pattaya can host such a beautiful sunset wedding.

Cape Dara beach wedding

Beach wedding, Western style

The romantic setting somehow make me forget the sands in between my toes, and my hair that is sticking to my lips. I am now having a second thought of having my future wedding on the beach. Well, first let me find my Mr. Right and save up a few years for my wedding. Other than the beautiful beach settings, the hotel itself is worth the hassle of transportation, getting new sunblock or waterproof makeup. I feel like I should stop typing and let the pictures do their jobs.

As if the photo is not enough, here’s a short clips mainly of how the hotel looks only for my readers!


Love: I would say this is a pretty good location for beach wedding:

  • not too far from Bangkok where your wedding guests can enjoy some city tour
  • Not too far from the hotel are marine entertainment! Parachute, scooter, banana boat, you name it.
  • perfect pool for relaxation before the big event, or even after
  • decent rooms for the brides and groom to have some indoor photo shoot or some mini ceremonies
  • photogenic settings around the hotel where you can boost some Instagram likes!
  • great services, very friendly staff


Not so love: just a few warnings for couples considering this hotel for their wedding

  • services can be slow and inactive since the wedding sales person tends to be a bit too chill
  • it’s a good location, however you still need some vehicles to go to the nearest convenient stores…since it’s way too hot to walk.
  • the beach in Pattaya are quite damaged, so if you expect white soft sands, I would recommend other beaches in Thailand. However, for a short ceremony and photo taking, it does its job.

Hope you enjoy my little review of what I experienced in Thailand. For those who are wishing to come to Thailand for their wedding, leave us a comment! I might be able to help since I loveeeee wedding!!!

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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