Barcelona Blissful Attractions For Two on Vacation

by Charlotte Smith

Barcelona Blissful

Nowadays, Barcelona can compete with Paris for the title of The Most Romantic Cities. Narrow streets, picturesque squares and wonderful cuisine make this city a wonderful place to visit with your better half. Probably, because of this, the mailbox of the Barcelona Tourist Guide is constantly flooded with letters from loving men who want to find the ideal place where they could invite their beautiful lovers, and even propose. Here are some most attractive places to visit in Barcelona:

Gothic Quarter

Visit this labyrinth of narrow ancient streets, situated between the Boulevard Rambla and Lajetana Street – that is where the real spirit of Barcelona is! You not only can chat in a cozy atmospheric café and go shopping, but also attend the greatest open-air museum, because each building goes back to the XIV-XV centuries and is worthy of attention. Be sure to find the best places of the quarter – the square of St. Haume, Reyel and Del Rey – and, of course, do not forget such popular architectural masterpieces as the Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Barcelona Blissful Attractions For Two on Vacation

The Magic Fountain

Walking down the streets of Barcelona in the evening, do not miss the chance to see one of its best treasures – the Magic Fountain. A fairytale of light, water and music unfolds every Friday and Saturday in the Plaza of Spain and leaves no person indifferent. The best overview at the same time opens from the terrace of the National Museum. The fountain starts working from 19:00.

Palau Güell

This creation of the great Gaudi is situated in the Old City at Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5. It is worth a visit and see the impressive interiors with mirrors, stained-glass windows and pure Gaudin carved ceilings and “flowing” decor elements.

Casa Batlló

Another pearl of the great Gaudi, the house of Batllo will be your best romantic memory for a long time. A whimsical, like floating facade, bright colours of mosaic, stained glass and openwork ornaments of windows and balconies – the house seems alive compared to neighbouring buildings. Inside, everything is no less interesting: you can admire the sun-like chandelier, stained glass windows and famous decorations in the interior of the mansion. This can be the place for your romantic photo shoot. This place is recommended by Barcelona travel advisory as one of the most significant views of this city. Visit it with one of those Russian singles to amaze her!

El Born – a part of the old city of Barcelona

The old city of Barcelona is famous for its charm and attractions. The area of El Born should be overlooked for the sake of a tourist-oriented Gothic quarter. However, local people like El Born for its picturesque squares, small bars and excellent restaurants. A walk through the barrio is likely to provide many opportunities for potential proposals. Take a walk in this area, and see everything with your own eyes!

Barcelona travel tips: don’t spend much on public transport! It is worth walking extra miles down those wonderful narrow streets because every building of El Born is a masterpiece itself.

There are a lot of romantic restaurants in Barcelona. Old buildings of the city with brick walls and dim lighting create a romantic mood. Of course, everyone has different tastes, and each determines which place is romantic and which is not. These are some more interesting places for you and your beloved:

  • Torre d’Alta Mar – this restaurant is located on top of the cable car tower. In this luxurious and exotic restaurant, you can admire the beautiful views of the city.
  • Tapioles53 is a special restaurant. The restaurant has seats for only 20 people, which creates an intimate atmosphere. In a cosy, candlelit hall, dishes are cooked from the freshest products. Travel to Barcelona and you will understand why this restaurant is so popular!

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