Barbershops in Paris: An Emerging Trend

by Kemal Kent Celik

Barbershops in Paris: Why do Red and Blue signs fill the streets?

It’s an emerging trend in Paris. Going to a barbershop is not going to the hairdresser. A barbershop is a place for men, where haircuts are always artistically sculpted, and most of the time short. The barber is also specialized in beard styling that is always meticulously crafted.

But above all, going to a barbershop is entering in a different universe.

Once you enter the door, you can find a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere because everybody shares the same universe: it is not only about getting a new haircut, but hanging out and talk with the staff or other clients. Some barbershops also have their own bar or games area.

However, the phenomenon remains inexplicable, living the experience in a barbershop is the only way to understand it.

Some of the best barbershops in Paris:

The Gentlemen 1919 – rue Jean Mermoz, Paris 75008

La Barbière de Paris – rue Bertin Poirée Paris 75001

La Clé du Barbier – rue Linné Paris 75005


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