Baeredith: Paris’s Passionate Singer With A Promising Future

by Shawna Montout

It’s 6:00 pm at Musée du Louvres and Baeredith arrives accompanied by two friends. Hands in her pockets, she introduces herself. Behind her round glasses hides a shy girl with a sparkling personality. She admits that this is her first interview. The 19-year-old singer/law student sings “Mami” and “Racks” her two first singles. Both are catchy and dynamic, just like her style. She may be introverted, but her bright orange puffer and jolt of blonde hair reveal her jovialité.

Meredith’s Alter Ego

Meredith and Baeredith are two different people. But at the same time, they look alike. One is shy, has a lack of confidence and always questions herself while the other is a really confident. “If people could see me on stage and in my personal life, they would see the difference.” In February 2019, Meredith (originally from Cameroon) performed at RoseGolden Fest, an event which launches budding artists. Once on stage, the singer’s shyness disappeared and allowed Baeredith to take over. Even her sister didn’t believe that the person on stage was her sister. To Meredith, the ambiance and love helps bring her out of her shell. Still, the artist can’t choose between being in the studio or performing. “The problem is that at the studio I am in my element. I like what I do. But when I leave, I change my mind. Being on stage, made me feel great so I can’t choose.”

Her Relationship With Music

The singer misses being on stage. Ever since she was young she has been dancing. She has done it all, from salsa to hip-hop, modern and Jazz. One day she decided to quit “I wasn’t passionate as much as I use to be.” Today, her passion is music, even though it will never replace dancing. Her relation to music is complicated, the singer is indecisive. ” It comes when it comes.” For example, when it was time to make the music video for “Racks”, she hesitated, “At first, I wanted to do it but then, I didn’t feel the need to do it. In the end, I told myself that it had to be done.” As the conversation goes on, Meredith gets more comfortable. She told us that her that her relationships inspire her lyrics. The reactions to her haircut inspired her song “Mami.”

Baeredith’s Entourage

Like every artist, Baeredith has difficulties when it comes to writing. “I need to be more confident to write more. I have to tell myself that people like my voice.” Baeredith is passionate and determined. According to her friends, when she likes something, she gives her all.

In France, R’n’B is underrepresented. With artists like Baeredith, things could change. Meredith is determined and when she wants something it is hard to change her mind. If she keeps at the way she has been, the singer could really make a place for herself in the music business. She has everything she needs to be successful. But according to her, talent is not enough to make it. Working hard is the key and Meredith is determined to give it all she’s got.

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