by Tillie Eze

Makeup Inspiration: Yadim for MAYBELLINE

“We have quite a simple, easy beautiful look that I think can translate very well but there’s a little something to it and I’m going to explain it to you. So, every girl is getting no foundation to start with. Very natural, very raw, and all we’re doing is applying a little concealer just where they need it; under the eyes, around the nose. I’m using Maybelline Master Conceal. Jason [Wu, the designer], at the test yesterday said I want the girls to feel like there’s a classicism to the girl but with an edge, something that says modern or new or different. And last week it was really fun with the lip and everything. I want to do an extension of that or follow that up with something. I want to do an eye this time. He initially mentioned an eyeliner but I think eyeliner was a bit safe, so my initial thought was to do something with a crazy mascara, or something and I thought he might actually be a little afraid of it but in the end when I brought the two girls out he loved this, he’s obsessed with it.”

IMGP2931 (1)

Eyes: “We’ve got the new Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect mascara, which I’m obsessed with. It’s all I’ve been using on editorial and everything. It has a very unique brush it picks up a lot of extra product so we use that product to actually clump up the end of the lashes. We don’t actually go to the root of the lash, just swish it back and forth at the end using the tip of the mascara wand. And what happens is that it just bunches the lashes together almost like they have four or five really thick lashes than a bunch of long separated ones. I think it gives a punk rock edge to that. It’s this girl who feels very elegant and very chic and she’s expensive and she loves luxury and she’s not out of tune with what’s cool or what’s new. I think she understands that perfection isn’t everything and without those little imperfections, those little wrongness’s that make everything look so right.”

Lips and Cheeks: “What we did to polish everything else and balance it is to kept everything else very fresh. We use a little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones, the new highlighter by Maybelline Master Strobe. We have the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin and on the inner corner of the eyes to add some brightness and life to her skin. We also put a little bit of this new Maybelline blush and we used it on the lips and cheeks – Pinking of You. And we applied it not only to the cheeks but across the nose to give it bit of a windswept or maybe she just got back from vacation and still on her skin.”


“There are a couple different colors of these I’d adjust slightly. But, I liked there was a little bit of a peachyness to it as well. It feels very natural, so it’s like the natural tone the skin would make when it’s flushed, so it’s more of a flush. We also did a little bit of lip balm, baby lips quenched. And then we’ll put a little bit of concealer over the lids right before they go out [on the runway].”

Last minute additives: “And here’s the kicker, definitely a play on texture with the collection and we decided to keep the fresh and shiny and all that and then around the lids, here, and under the eye we’re going to mattify using a powder. And then we’re going to put lip gloss on to the ends of the lashes. Only where the mascara is so it almost ends up looking like vinyly lashes or something extra, like drippy shiny, to a fault. We’re going to do it right before line-up because obviously it’s not going to wear that long and then just watch out for it, make sure it’s not dripping and only put it at the ends of the lashes. Initially I put it all over the lash it was a mess. So, it’s very precise.”

How to apply the lip gloss to lashes: “With a mascara wand or even a long, little thin brush is probably best. And that’s it. And then the gloss is this one. The new clear gloss we have… Only at the tips.”

Blush options for darker skin tones: I would even maybe less peachy pink and more peachy plum would be nice – a little bit warmer.

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