Post by Gosia Krajewski

Marc Jacobs Decadence is an invitation to indulge. It makes a statement with bold styling, luxurious craftsmanship and a revolutionary fragrance design inspired by one of Marc’s iconic handbags. Decadence elevates the irreverent spirit of Marc Jacobs fragrances to a new level of luxury.

Kristina Stets launched SS16 White Instinct Collection. Kristina’s first capsule collection is entitled “White Instinct” and plunders the essence of Bauhaus architectural lines. In the continuum of le Corbusier and Mies van der Roche, White Instinct re-appropriates classical and geometric lines in their purest form.

Step into the hidden urban gardens of new york city, a metropolis ripe with endless exciting possibilities with new DKNY Be Desired fragrance. Featuring a new floral element, the lush and creamy sensual tones are infused with a green floral direction,