Post by Gosia Krajewski

Wedding season is now in full swing, and I have to admit, that after receiving a couple of invitations for my friends' weddings I thought to myself..."what can I possibly wear that won't make me look like a cute puffy bun! While seven months pregnant, there are not masses of choices for occasional wear and legging usually are the most comfy option anyway! But I am sure that most mummies to be will agree with me that we still would like to look nice when we go out to celebrate those special moments with friends and family.

A dynamic fusion of masculinity and confidence with the core BOSS values of elegance and style at its heart, BOSS BOTTLED has been empowering men to achieve their personal ideals of success for over 15 years. In honor of this journey, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED will become a permanent fixture in the BOSS BOTTLED fragrance portfolio.

Vetiver Insolent is the new perfume from Miller Harris, the fourth in the Editions collection of scents inspired by powerful and unexpected moments in life. For those in whom the spirits live loudly, for those with mischief and courage. This audacious scent brings energy, action. It’s the moment a face ensnares you, when a smile brings you under its spell, and you throw caution to the wind. At once rebellious and sensual, Vetiver Insolent has a natural aura, a charismatic allure. Its base is vetiver, a deep-rooted grass from Haiti, full of sweet, fresh earthiness and an enemy of melancholia. Brazen notes of bergamot and cardamom engender curiosity, giving way to energizing black pepper, elemi and a whisper of lavender.

NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée further transforms the mystery of attraction with the mercurial power of addiction. “NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée is sensuality and supreme femininity,” says the designer, “It is never overpowering, but impossible to forget.” The NARCISO fragrance line continues to embody the extremes of seduction and the art of attraction with a third chapter of the story. NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée transcends time as it stops time.

Brother Max is evolved by a team of parents who understand the challenges of parenthood. They seem to answer the easiest of questions with the cleverest of solutions, and make the life of a parent easier and more enjoyable. Quite simply, it’s all about great designs for little people!​

Combat lines and wrinkles with 23 Carat Hydration Gold! 23 carat pure gold combined with Hyaluronic acid brings the anti ageing benefits to the forefront. The benefits of the 23 carat gold powder allows optimising visual effects that Hyaluronic Acid/ hydration brings to the skin, creating a sheer veil of radiance that can be lost with age. Hyaluronic Acid prevents the access of toxic substances, giving the skin a turgid and well hydrated sight. With the passing years the concentration of Hyaluronic acid contained in the dermis has the tendency to reduce. This cosmetic treatment with Hyaluronic acid resolves aesthetical problems of skin ageing thanks to its hydrating, softening, protective and regenerative properties.

If you like sunbathing but, don’t like the glare on your eyes even when you’ve got your hat or towel over your eyes or even your sunglasses on? Then you need Occles Travel Eyewear. Occles provides total blackout, as well as eye protection from harmful UV rays, light, and sunlight, and enables complete rest as the eyes are totally protected and are CE Accredited for UV Protection. Ideal for those trying to get some shut eye on the beach or those with tired hay fever or overworked eyes, or those finding the hot sun’s and sands glare too much. Light, durable, strong and bridge-less so you won’t get tan lines, and are comfortable to wear, with an adjustable fit for a range of head sizes.

As mums and healthcare professionals know, breast milk is the very best option for your baby. Using a breast pump to express your milk allows busy mums to go back to work or let dad take a turn at feeding, safe in the knowledge that their little one is still getting all the nutrients that only breast milk can supply. Lansinoh offers a choice of three breast pumps so mums can choose the one that best suits their needs.