Post by Gosia Krajewski

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY - BULGARI MAN IN BLACK In search for iconic fragrances for our other halves, we came across this amazing addition to the Bulgari Man portfolio: Bulgari Man in Black EDP. Following on from Bulgari Man and Bulgari Man Extreme, this extension to the range provides a signature name that is familiar yet bold.

#TheKrag is London’s new electrifying fashion and lifestyle brand for men. Founded by Magdalena Dudarska, Frederick Szydlowski and Jedrzej Guzik, three young, creative entrepreneurs, who decided to not only design clothes but to create a philosophy of leadership, power and influence.

Skeyndor is launching the addition to Derma Peel Pro range - Resurfacing Peel Concentrate. Derma Peel Pro is an exclusive Skeyndor method that sees: * Multilayer sequential technology * 5 peeling techniques for the perfect skin * High concentration of actives for better efficiency and renovating performance * Two types of professional treatments to treat wrinkles and pigmentations * Home treatment products for daily use

Wedding season is now in full swing, and I have to admit, that after receiving a couple of invitations for my friends' weddings I thought to myself..."what can I possibly wear that won't make me look like a cute puffy bun! While seven months pregnant, there are not masses of choices for occasional wear and legging usually are the most comfy option anyway! But I am sure that most mummies to be will agree with me that we still would like to look nice when we go out to celebrate those special moments with friends and family.

A dynamic fusion of masculinity and confidence with the core BOSS values of elegance and style at its heart, BOSS BOTTLED has been empowering men to achieve their personal ideals of success for over 15 years. In honor of this journey, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED will become a permanent fixture in the BOSS BOTTLED fragrance portfolio.

Vetiver Insolent is the new perfume from Miller Harris, the fourth in the Editions collection of scents inspired by powerful and unexpected moments in life. For those in whom the spirits live loudly, for those with mischief and courage. This audacious scent brings energy, action. It’s the moment a face ensnares you, when a smile brings you under its spell, and you throw caution to the wind. At once rebellious and sensual, Vetiver Insolent has a natural aura, a charismatic allure. Its base is vetiver, a deep-rooted grass from Haiti, full of sweet, fresh earthiness and an enemy of melancholia. Brazen notes of bergamot and cardamom engender curiosity, giving way to energizing black pepper, elemi and a whisper of lavender.