Post by Gosia Krajewski

Ohso, the award winning chocolate brand, has developed a delicious and effective way to take our probiotics. In recent times probiotics have been hailed as the new ‘super hero’ with it being considered by a wide range of Doctors, nutritionists and scientists to be one of the key elements to great health. Today it’s more widely accepted that great health begins in the gut. Why take probiotics? It’s a fact that the gut bacteria have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Good gut health is thought to prevent allergy and colds, improve skin conditions such as eczema, reduce and alleviate signs of IBS.

There are hundreds of great men’s fragrances out there, but truly iconic ones are an altogether rarer breed. So if you are in search for a perfect gift for your significant other half, we have tested and tested...and tested to select these timeless classics, so you don't have to!

This super sexy Pure nursing bra from Freya is a real find for breastfeeding babes with babies. Forget dull bras of days gone by, this is a stylish take that helps uplift your spirits as well as your breasts. Pure is a smooth, seam-free underwired spacer moulded bra that gives you stunning shape and great support. Featuring easy access clip adjustment, toe-back to prevent slippage and fully cushioned flexi wire for comfort and support.

Christian Louboutin shoes have completed the looks of the parade Olympia Le-Tan as part of Fashion Week Paris Autumn / Winter 2016. Revisiting the major works of the last centuries, Olympia Le-Tan brings together Ingres and Murakami, Hirst, Hockney and Picasso on jumpers, coats and dresses. Prints are sublimated into aligned frames, turning each room into a living art gallery.