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“Complex is the cleavage between the imaginary and the real”

This is what characterizes the work of Audrey Fasquel. I met this young Parisian painter in her apartment, along the Saint-Martin canal, it has entirely decorated in the image of his universe: antiques, antiques, vintage … Audrey is interested in history of objects like those women that inspired it for his paintings.
Self-taught artist, she has never deliberately inspired by art movements but wants above all to paint her emotions or she picks one out his paintings.

“I just ask what gives me the right to speak”

It is by arming brushes, acrylic, oil and Posca she will speak, but not only: it breathes 3rd dimension using paper mache, wire mesh, the coating and materials of everyday life (see table “Uprooted”).

Behind simple lines, clean, nice curves to watch, actually hides a mixture of complex and powerful emotions. Audrey Fasquel then explains that the paintings do not stop the display, you have to dig on the felt. When a visitor to his paintings seeks to interpret the meaning, Audrey let it go to his analysis and then present his work and feelings, The paradox is striking and that is precisely what his art.
However a recurring item appears in its works. This is the woman, or rather the force that emanates. If our painter draws inspiration not among classical artists, she finds women who crossed his path and marked.

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“Fighting TOI Inga” reflected his view of Africa and the behavior of Western countries. Through this table, Audrey Fasquel highlights the action and dedication of a woman in the Inga 3 project in Congo whose objective is the construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Congo River. What is almost insignificant to the eye in this painting – the tiny face representing this young woman – the artist is the strongest element.



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“Self Sacrifice” is a continuation of “Inga Combat YOU”. I met Audrey Fasquel while working on this project. The work is once again in this woman before in the project INGA 3. Behind the clean lines and a simple visual, hides another reality: that of the pressure, loneliness, devotion, fear but also the battle. For our artist is a way to make him honor.



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“The paradox of emotions”
is a major theme in the heart of the artist as it represents the ambivalence of emotions, recurring theme in his work. There is a strong contrast between what the visitor sees and understands and what the painter wanted to express.



But the artist also knows out of her subjects because just completed a mural in the pizzeria “Pink Flamingo” in Paris, directly on a wall 4 meters by 2 meters 50. This work is in line with the visual identity this restaurant located near the Saint-Martin canal while incorporating his artistic signature with this game always assemble, nested elements together. A personal detail has been slipped again in the mural through colored faces that represent the multiculturalism of this trendy pizzeria channel.

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A vernissage will take place on September 24 2015-19 hours “Pink Flamingo” 67 rue Bichat 75010 Paris – Line No. 5 – Metro Jacques Bonsergent.

Facebook: Audrey Fasquel Painter.

Editor-at-large: Céline Averty.

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