Horoscope | Astrological Footprint – November,12th,2017

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Astrological Footprint – November,12th,2017

A day to use wise words. It all depends on communication. If we maintain a measured stance, without great depth in the subjects, we can save ourselves from the astral confusion coming from Mercury. The smallest Solar System Planet shakes on Sunday. Since 10AM GMT, connections with Neptune and #MOON in VIRGO give rise to mismatch. Observe if you can be well understood by people. Confirm meetings, trips, and boarding times. Delays are common on a day like this.

After 9PM GMT, everything is organized. Pluto enters the scene with the Moon, in the Earth Element, solving in depth a poorly elaborated theme. This is not the ideal day to discuss feelings or share controversial ideas. It is best to train mental flexibility and take advantage of the Waning Moon until November 17th. Excellent time to abandon an addiction, to enjoy the diet and to measure the harvest of the Lunar Cycle. Haircut now grows little. Body waxing lasts much longer.

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