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Astrological Footprint – MARCH,20th, 2017Aries Horoscopes


#Monday, 20th, The Sun enters Aries. The beginning of a new astral cycle. The Waning #Moon in Capricorn confronts the Sun. It’s a slow day full of demands and you must be with yours tasks up to date or you will be surprised. The phase is not good for launching products or signing contracts. After 1PM GMT, you feel more willing. Remember that the scenario is restricted. Enjoy until March 27th to power up the diet.

Signs on a good mood Today: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius.

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#Tuesday, 21st, resolve all your questions to 6PM GMT. The past returns at dusk.

#Wednesday, 22nd, a day conducive to physical and emotional healing. Scenario of stagnation.

#Thursday, 23rd, Moon in Aquarius, a good moment at 3PM GMT to solve the issues of the week, Shut up after Midnight.

#Friday, 24th, continue with the silence vow. Between 10AM GMT and 1AM of the 25th. Avoid promises and be alert to everything you hear. Filter the information. Crucial week marked by bad communication.

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