Astrological Footprint | Horoscope – July,08th,2017

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini -July,08th,2017




Enjoy your Saturday until 7PM GMT. The Crescent #Moon in Capricorn walks freely and you can organize many things. Even being a day of rest, it can be the most productive. Many decisions are made with this astral. We are focused and determined. Persistent and sometimes stubborn. It’s a perfect day for a trip or even organizing your belongings. That messy closet will like the Capricorn structure. By midnight, you can warm up the mood in relationships. After that, forget it. Moon and Pluto together and opposing the Sun will ill-treat the early hours of Sunday. Saturn and Mars also create delicate situations, including those who throw missiles into the sky. Saturn can rebound and send the ball back to the opposing field. If you go out with friends or have parties in the early hours of Saturday, go slow. Avoid big revelations and do not confront authorities, including parents. Those who feel the most shock are #scorpio #aries #gemini #cancer #pisces #taurus #leo
Moderation is the best recommendation.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_


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