Astrological Footprint | Horoscope – July,07th,2017

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini -July,07th,2017

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Friday animated with Venus and Mercury in ample communication. It is the active brain that thinks and already negotiates. Rising relationships in all sectors. Friendships, business, and affection live a bright morning as the Moon ends its journey through the merry Sagittarius sign. If you are looking for a job, take advantage of the morning to say hello to your classmates, former teachers and bosses. It is always good to remember that you are willing. The market and sales go well until 3PM GMT.

Some unforeseen events arrive from Uranus at 3:20 PM GMT. Avoid group lunches. Crescente #Moon goes to Capricorn. The scenery changes and, after 9PM GMT, this whole party is over. The moon, now cold and serious, is not animated by the synchrony between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini. This glacial climate affects the mood of the bosses and authorities. Avoid talking unfiltered. Not everyone is so excited!


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The #LOVE on the weekend starts cold on Friday. On Saturday, there is more room for Neptune’s fantasies. Sunday is a challenge for couples. Too much authority in action and little compassion. Singles can meet eccentric people on Sunday evening. They are relations that have seen life from inside out. For those who like excitement, it’s a full plate. At this stage, being more intellectual and less sly contributes greatly to the progress of relationships. Next week there will be a better climate to love.


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