Astrological Footprint | Horoscope -July,06th,2017

Astrological Footprint -July,06th,2017



Lively Thursday with Crescent #Moon in SAGITTARIUS. It is the sign of the expansion of life. Everything grows in this cycle. The joys are intense. Dramas can be exaggerated as well. People get more confident and festive. It’s a great time for meetings with friends and travel that involve adventure. Sports on the rise! Financial markets can speculate with boldness and good results. Attention to the menu: we gain weight and retain liquid. The American President can live an unstable day, since his Moon is in Sagittarius as well. Impulsive actions mark your conduct until 07th. Everything flows freely until Midnight. After that, Saturn and Moon are rigidly blocking any bold move. Avoid provoking these signs: #capricorn #aquarius #libra #aries #scorpio and #cancer
The most joyful today are #Sagittarians or people with ascendent in #Sagittarius.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE


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