Astrological Footprint Horoscopes- Tuesday July, 19th 2016

Horoscopes- Tuesday July, 19th 2016 FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN.  The harvest begins on Tuesday. We begin to receive what was planted on July 4th.

Horoscopes- Tuesday July, 19th

The dawn brings Mercury and Saturn in good formation. Both in fire signs, seriously activating communications, words have power. All the 19th will have that tone. Words that emit energy and energy that transforms situations on the material plane. Use well your #networking and spread your ideas among  groups. All that is correct as Saturn likes, will bring results on the 26th. Business is in high and there will be receiving payments that have been delayed. If you need to close a deal enjoy the day. The #Moon in Capricorn is perfect to solidify responsibilities, duties and rights. After Midnight, the climate changes. Neptune complicates communications and electronics can get out of control. Attention to driving and prevent yourself, because the internet can stop working leaving many people trapped in their night work. As in every full moon, everything ignites. People with heart problems should be under surveillance because there is increased fluid and bleeding. Avoid medical or surgical interventions. Who has thin or little #hair should cut them until 26th of July to grow with volume. It is the phase of #fattening, so make it good with a healthy menu.

Signs in a good mood today #Capricorn #virgo #taurus #Scorpio #cancer #aries #leo #Gemini #libra  

Be happy on Earth and include gratitude in your routine. 

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