Astrological Footprint Horoscopes September,7th 2016


Horoscopes– September, 7th NEW #MOON IS SCORPIO.Pluto moves the sky since dawn on it’s happy encounter with the sun. Two titans who now work together for change on the planet.

Astrological Footprint Horoscopes  September,7th 2016

What was hidden, and now receives LIGHT appears. Secrets, gossip and missteps are the highlight of the day. Who keeps secrets in personal life, can be surprised by the revelation of these. At this time, another couple of appers on the scene, they come to organize things. Saturn and Venus are also in a good position. They come amid a revealed mess and begin to separate oranges of garlic. Moon and Chiron will heal what deserves healing, while Jupiter and the Moon extend the scandals at dusk. It is a day full of fattening, so keep an eye on the diet this week. After midnight there is astral for clear communication. Avoid daydreams at dawn. If your routine is calm, don’t Riot. If you are complicated, avoid discussing the issues after midnight. The last day of the New Moon, finish your planting because on the 08th we will start composting projects and ideas.

All signs in a moment of transformation. Act on earth.  

NAMASTE_/\_ Be happy in this adventure called Earth.

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