Astrological Footprint Horoscopes September,14th 2016

Horoscopes  September,14th 2016. Violence Alert. The Wednesday starts strong and aggressive. People are violent and angry.

Since 7hAM GMT until midnight there is a warning for violence around the world.

Horoscopes September 14th 

Despite this strange mood, it is a day to conquer new territories or improve the relationships you have. Good solutions arrive after 6PM GMT. Call your team to share ideas and try to strengthen links with partners, students, employees. Expand this Venus energy for personal life. Search the balance in your actions and thoughts. Positive thinking is always good, but to think with Mercury in Virgo is even better: mindfulness, precision, analysis and#knowledge.

The heart can beat for #love. By Venus and Mars reborn sensuality and the desire to be with someone. Until the early hours of Saturday, something amazing may occur in the affective sector. Stay alert!

Signs that need a quiet day #Pisces #Aquarius #Sagittarius

The other signs are in a good mood today. Be NAMASTE_/\_ Be happy in this adventure called Earth.

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