Astrological Footprint Horoscopes- Saturday July, 23rd 2016


Horoscopes- Saturday  July, 23rd 2016 Neptune and Moon in Pisces take the brightness of the Sun in Leo. Saturday is melancholic. Emotions are confused by the attacks in Munich and Aleppo.

Horoscopes- Saturday  July, 23rd 2016

Until 5PM GMT the feeling is of being in the wrong place with the wrong partners. This will pass. It is the Moon and Pluto forcing changes. After 9PM, Kiron approaches to the Moon and  there is renewed confidence. The wounds begin to heal. Between 23rd and 26th of  July, we need to  observe our conduct. Time to be closer to the group, think of others and improve the inner reform. It is the  DISSEMINATING MOON. In this lunar phase, in particular,we will see  serious disruptions. Perhaps we are not  prepared to share our best. Anyway, today is a day of mourning on the Planet and we must always remember: our disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon us, lifetime after life time, until eventually our own harmony is restored. 

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