ASTROLOGICAL FOOTPRINT |Horoscopes Friday JUNE 17, 2016

ASTROLOGICAL FOOTPRINT |Horoscopes Friday JUNE 17, 2016

Astrological Footprint Horoscopes  by Claudia Vannini – June, 17th #TERRORISM ALERT. Mars and Moon join in Scorpio. A dangerous Friday in many respects.


There is a tendency for outbursts of humor, open conflicts and drama. Terrorism is the concern of the day. Be especially careful between 1PM GMT and 5PM GMT. Until 7PM GMT spend your good conversation skills on business or to convince someone about a topic. It is the last passage of Venus in Gemini. After this moment, Venus migrates to Cancer. There is strengthening in family ties and with the intimacy of couples. It is an excellent time to build a solid foundation in a loving relationship. For those who belong to or work with family businesses, know how to respect the consistent block that is behind the directors and CEO. Never interfere in relations between relatives working in the same company. They can fight all day long, but will join forces if they feel that an outsider is interfering. Let them work as they are, even if they are corrupting the basis of negotiations.


The #Moon remains in Scorpio until 1H30 AM GMT on June 18th. It’s a time of pure charm. At dawn, the tone changes and adventures are welcomed with the Moon in Sagittarius. Singles can enjoy the night with friends because the search is for fun. Couples should seek the comfort of home. Women have beneficial treatments between 5 PM GMT and 9 PM GMT.

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Astrological footprint by Claudia Vannini, a renowned astrologer based in Brazil. For private reading, contact Claudia: email




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