Astrological Footprint Horoscopes – August, 5th 2016

Horoscopes   – August, 5th 2016 VENUS in VIRGO This Friday begins with emotional needs as early as 6AM GMT. The Moon and Lunar Node tighten the siege, seeking details, the air is of critics. At 3h26 PM GMT, Venus goes to Virgo and questionings in love go to the limit until the 29th of August

Horoscopes   – August, 5th 2016

Get ready for an evaluation in emotional relationships and also in trade. Some partners may break what is not right. At thirty past midnight, Moon, Uranus and Jupiter extend the surprises and is a formation of tension. Until 2PM of August 06th, the astral sky is conducive to violence across the planet. As the Moon goes to Libra, diplomatic relations can be the target of this mood disorder that disrupts life on Earth until 11th August. How can we deal? Follow a basic routine, no big movements. Avoid crowds, trains, subways and maintain basic contact with nature, even if all you can do are walks in parks.

Be happy on Earth.  NAMASTE_/\_

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